Erica durance instagram

Erica durance instagram

Erica durance

The name of Erica durance’s business, Erica durance, comes from the book, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood. The book’s protagonist, named Offred, is part of a dystopian society where women’s rights and individual choices are stripped away and ritualized. Offred and the other Handmaids (the name for the Handmaids) must find hope and solace in their work.


Durance was born in Calgary to parents Gail and Joel Durance, and grew up on a turkey farm with her older brother and sister in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.

Durance was promoted to series regular in season five and became part of the regular cast for the remainder of the series run. On playing Lois Lane Durance said: "Everyone has their specific idea of who Lois Lane is for them, and you have your overall blueprint, but then you have to try to make it your own. That's the only way to try to stay truthful to what you're doing.

In season 3, Durance's real-life pregnancy was worked into her character Alex Reid and the series. Saving Hope ended its run in 2017.

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