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The Process of Learning a New Language Is, No Doubt, an Arduous One, but It's Also One That's Filled With All Kinds of Rewards. Communicate smoothly and use a free online translator to instantly translate text, words, phrases, or documents between 90+ language pairs. (Source: www.translate.com)

English - Turkish Translation

It belongs to a group of Turkic languages, which is one branch of the Altaic language group. It is an official language in Turkey, as well as her speaking minority in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece. Contemporary Turkish has evolved from the Ottoman Turkish (Ottoman Language), which was heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian and wrote down the Arabic font. After the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey was at the instigation of Turkish President Kemal Ataturk introduced the Latin alphabet. Latin was accompanied by some of the letters (Â, Ç, Äž, I, Ä°, Î, Ö, Åž, Û and Ü). Despite efforts to relieve the vocabulary of foreign elements includes contemporary literary language of many Arabic and Persian borrowings. Turkish ranks among the languages agglutination, inflection and other grammatical functions expressed using different prefixes or suffixes. (Source: www.translator.eu)

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Find a Turkish term in the English-Turkish dictionary by using the entry field above. You can search in either English or Turkish. If the English or Turkish phrase you searched for has too many translations you can limit the results returned with extensive filter options. Select from grammar, style and region to hide unrelated English to Turkish translations.

English to Turkish Translation

English to Turkish Translation Service can translate from English to Turkish language. Additionally, it can also translate English into over 100 other languages (Source: imtranslator.net)

How Does English to Turkish Translation Work?

We perform translation from English to Turkish using Google or Microsoft APIs. We send the English text you provide to these services and they respond to us with a text which is in Turkish. (Source: www.onlinetranslationpro.com)





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