Engadget Guest Post: SEO Writings

Engadget Guest Post: SEO Writings

Engadget Guest Post



Engadget provides smart, innovative products and services for people who love technology. E-Experts deliver the latest teardowns, product reviews, and news about Smart Home, wearable technology, photography, video, mobile software, and more. Engadget's technology experts write a Blog com daily. And their staff of mobile specialists, web experts. And more offer a wide range of advice and coverage for cell phones, e-books, smartphones, tablet PCs, and more.

As far as guest posting is concerned, Engadget is a little strange. They have two different ways of seeing guest posts. One is via their tagging system, and one via topics. The Tag system seems to have been used almost entirely by a small handful of writers who contributed solely content about World of Warcraft. The latest post in this section was published in 2010, almost a decade ago, so it’s not worth considering. (Source: guestpost.com)

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As you know Niche's relevant guest posts will push your SERP positions upward. And it's all-natural unless you post in PBN sites thinking that those are natural guest blogs. In fact, you're going to get a priceless gift for an affordable price! (Source: www.peopleperhour.com)

Blog Example

He is an enthusiast. An enthusiast of classic video game consoles. He has more time than money, but even that can be found. His hobby comes together with an old PC that still runs the old Super Nintendo games that he loves to play on. So, while he has some really cool games, he's using his old-timey technology gear to watch TV videos while he's gaming.

For those of you who are not quite familiar with content marketing, blogging, and SEO. Guest posting is the act of writing and publishing a blog post or an article on someone else’s blog or website. Your work may or may not be compensated financially. This purely depends on whether the website/blog offers a financial incentive for your contributions. (Source: solvid.co.uk)


We've been hearing a lot about how many companies offer guest blogs for you. It's now time for us to share the goods. Here are some of the keys to guest blogging for Engadget.com.

  1. Write your Engadget entry from a personal point of view. How would you have described Engadget in the past? What makes it so different.
  2. Do find out what works best: Identify what type of writings does best on that blog. Is it top-10 lists or in-depth guides? You can evaluate that by the number of shares and comments a post has gained. (Source: solvid.co.uk)
  3. Choose the right niche. Having knowledge about your niche will help you find out accurate information about it. If you're not sure, do a little research.



At FutureStarr.com, we post articles, writings and bring you the latest news and reviews on the latest Steam games and more. Our articles make up a vast majority of articles we publish, and we want more of them. If you want to write your name and the name of your site to guest post with Engadget. We've got a lot of propositions that will fit what you're looking for. Contact us for more information about our Guest Article Proposition.

Money, money, money: Some people manage to build an entire business of contributing articles. Solvid (that’s us if you didn’t know) is a good example. We’ve gotten several monthly paying clients just from posting quality articles on The Next Web, Sitepoint, and Lifehack. Yes, we’ve worked our socks off to get there, but it all pays off. (Source: solvid.co.uk)


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