Emma tpn full body

Emma tpn full body

Emma Tpn

Emma is a successful Washington, D.C.-based public relations consultant who says that as a female, she has to work twice as hard as her male counterparts.


Emma's appearance in the anime. (Source:Emma is ranked 3rd in the official anime Popularity Poll that was ann↑ The Promised Neverland anime: Episode 13 (Source:ounced after Episode 17

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Caring and extroverted, Emma often proves herself to be one of the most reliable orphans and is often seen surrounded by friends. She is known for her incredible ability to learn, capable athleticism, and ample optimism. (Source: yakusokunoneverland.fandom.com yakusokunoneverland.fandom.com))After her success of escaping Grace Field alongside Ray and 13 other orphans, Emma seeks to find William Minerva, whom she believes can grant her and her friends the liberty to live a safe and peaceful life away from the demons. (Source:

Emma was born on August 22, 2034. She was sent to Grace Field House a year later in 2035. Under the parental care of Isabella and the happy times she spent with her fellow foster siblings, Emma had a happy childhood. Due to their close age and probably the fact that they are the top students academically, she was exceptionally close to Norman and Ray out of all the orphans in Grace Field, (Source: yakusokunoneverland.fandom.com)


Emma plays the part as an elder sister figure among her younger ones, and always shows unlimited love and care for her fellow foster siblings. When she discovered Conny's corpse and the truth behind Grace Field and Isabella, Emma underwent an emotional change and decided to Following this event, Emma's desire to escape is fueled by her love for her family; refusing to leave anyone behind since she doesn't want her siblings to suffer the same fate as Conny, showing the compassion, selfless, and altruistic side of her. She is also shown to be very forgiving, as she doesn't think any less of Ray for being the “traitor”, still embraces him as a friend, and sympathizes with him. According to Krone, Emma always thinks of others before herself, so much that she dilutes her chances to save herself by refusing to leave any of her family behind.

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