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)))Elaine ChappelleDave Chappelle Wife – Elaine Chappelle Age, Ethnicity, InstElaine Chappelle is a renowned celebrity spouse. She came to fame after tying the knot with Dave Chappel. He is one of the most famous personalities in the entertainment industry. (Source:Elaine Chappelle is a celebrity wife. She is the life partner of a reputed stand-up comedian and actor, Dave Chappelle. (SourceElaine Chappelle is an American lady who is married to comedian and actor Dave Chappelle. A child of Filipino immigrants, she grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In 2001, she married Chappelle and eventually bore him three children, two sons and a daughter. Over the years, many have speculated that their marriage has a significant and positive effect on Chappelle. While Dave Chappelle has always been a brilliant and edgy comedian, he attained the majority of his success only after his marriage to Elaine. Chappelle, who is often considered a “comic genius” and “one of the best stand-up comics of all time”, has undergone several drastic changes in his career in the last 17 years, and Elaine has been a source of constant support for him through all the ups and downs. The Chappelle family presently resides on a 65-acre farm near Yellow Springs, Ohio. (Source::agram and Chi47-year-old Chappelle, father of three children, is quarantining away from his children Suleyman, Ibrahim, and Sanaa, and his wife Elaine. The couple has been in a happy marriage for the past 19 years. They own a 39-acre home in Chappelle’s hometown, Yellow Springs in Ohio. The family of five has been residing in the 3000-square feet property since 2005. (Source:ldren Facts

Is Dave Chappelle Wife Elaine Chappelle Filipino? Her Parents Nationality Explored.

Elain Chappelle is best known for being the wife of a comedian and actor, Dave Chappelle. (Source: www.wiki.ng)

Elaine Mendoza Erfe is her actual name and birth name. She is the daughter of a Filipino family. Her Zodiac sign is Virgo, and her nationality is American. (Source: www.wiki.ng)

Dave Chappelle is a viral Comedian and actor, and you might have heard of his name before for sure, and you may even get a question in your mind that who is Dave Chappelle’s Wife? If yes, then here you are at the place we will be providing you all the information about Dave Chappelle’s Wife to you. (Source: nameswikis.com)

Elaine has a slim body, and her height is 5 feet 5 inches, and her weight is 55 kg, which is 121 lbs.

Actually Elaine Chappelle hasn’t disclosed information about her net worth, however by keeping in mind that Dave Chappelle has an estimated net worth of $42 Million, and Elaine Chappelle is the wife Dave Chappelle’s Wife, so she does as equal share as Dave Chappelle in his net worth, so we can say that Elaine Chappelle has estimated net worth of $42 Million. Also, as per some of the sources, it is stated that she does manage the propertied purchased by Dave.

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He’s also been featured on numerous Netflix specials and was allegedly paid over $20 million for each one.

But Who Is the Woman Behind This Successful Comedian?

Her name is Elaine Chappelle, and they have been happily married since 2001. In celebrity years, that’s basically a lifetime! (Source: www.yournextshoes.com)


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