El mercado de los angeles

El mercado de los angeles

El mercado de los angeles

El mercado de los angeles es un pequeño comercio ubicado en el centro comercial. Tiene estilo vanguardista y tiene una gran variedad de artesanías.is a market located in Boyle Heights on the corner of 1st Street and Lorena Street. El Mercado is a three-floor indoor shopping center that offers dining and restaurant services, entertainment with live mariachi bands and shopping from various vendors. The market is located by the Metro Gold Line's Indiana Station located two blocks east.


At El Mercadito, you can still nibble on sweet “buñuelos” (fritters covered with sugar and anise syrup) or the best fresh churros in town, which bear no resemblance to the chewy stuff found under hot lamps on many street carts. These are freshly fried, light and crunchy, closer to their cousins from Spain which are dunked in thick chocolate or café and truly need no sugar or cinnamon to shine.

Mexican florkorr, at its best!! Family oriented. Good Mexican food n goodies!!! Must go n visit. Enjoyable place. Awesome place to take a date. Or an friends n family!!I come for the ambiance. I love the live music upstairs on the 2nd floor...dinner and mariachi entertainment. I always have to grab a bite...some of the best gorditas in Los Angeles can be found on the main floor, back entrance in front of Tamayo Jewlers. Expect a line.... (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)


The shopping destination on East 1st street near Lorena Street has not been without its problems. Over the years, people complained about traffic congestion, trash, noise and public drunkenness. Eight years ago, neighbors opposed the elder Rosado’s plans to expand the complex by acquiring a full liquor license and adding a dance floor and sports bar to the third floor. They said that El Mercado got rowdy at night and on weekends.

Not just a Mexican grocery store- El Mercado is three floors of Tijuana shopping mall crossed with an Istanbul bazaar, selling everything from toasted grasshoppers to snakeskin cowboy boots. This is the place for the adventurous cook; mix your own Mexican spice blend, get that hand- made mortar and pestal and grind out a homemade chile verde sauce. Multiple Mexican restaurants if you get hungry, dueling mariachis for those days when one mariachi band isn't enough.I went today 8/10/21 and was surprised to see most of the shops are now in the parking lot. I purchased a pistachio ice cream.. Snacks are pre-packaged. Also, the ice cream, raspados and chips out door area is now behind plastic plexi. People seemed to keep social distances for the most part. I did see a few people with no masks and no masks on their kids. If you go just know you cant really eat there and their food is packaged to go. Keep your eye out for people that dont wear masks because those people werent socially distancing at all. (Source:usa-stores.worldorgs.com)




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