Editor Resume Example

Editor Resume Example

Editor Resume Example

For all of the work I've done in marketing and content, here is a job that I did in 2013.


A Skilled Managing Editor will oversee the company’s publishing operations on a day-to-day basis. The other essential tasks are mentioned on the Managing Editor Resume as follows – planning and managing all daily operations; hiring and coaching personnel; collaborating with editors and determining the content and topics issues; coordinating all editorial meetings and publications; planning and approving assignments for editors and writers; controlling schedules and enforcing deadlines; overseeing proofreading procedures and editing copies if needed; and assisting in final copy evaluation process.

Serve as a principal writer for print and electronic projects such as gift funding proposals for individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations; campaign-related informational and promotional materials; annual stewardship reports for select donors; and other materials as needed. Contribute features and articles to the CEO newsletter, Philanthropy Report, e-newsletter, and other internal publications upon request (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)


This section must be carefully crafted to show off your highest-level and most desirable skills. Busy human resources workers may only glance at your resume for a few seconds before deciding whether to grant you an interview. These five to ten skills tell them at a glance if you have the abilities they seek. It also tells them what skills you see as most important. Leave out basic skills in favor of rare skills that will help you stand out.

Summary : Having recently completed a copy audit and rebranding for a publicly-traded B2B HR and benefits technology company, now looking for my next challenge. As you will see from my resume, I have extensive B2C and B2B copywriting, ghostwriting, and editing experience creating both short and long-form copy. Coupled with my background in psychology, I have the skill set to not only create compelling, engaging copy but to also influence the behavior of potential customers. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)



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