Duave is a game that tests your spatial creativity. Released on January 3rd, 2019, Duave has already reached 1 million peak players. The team expects to reach over 10 million players by the end of this year with the help of marketing efforts and strategic partnerships. This is the story of how we changed the face of the game industry with a game that's both fun and educational.Alyas Baby Tsina/Alias Baby China (1984) is based on the true legal story of Evelyn Duave Ortega, aka Baby Tsina (She was called this in court documents because she looked Chinese. Otherwise there are no references to anything Chinese in her story or the film.) Duave was found guilty of murder in 1971 and several appeals while on death row culminated in a Supreme Court decision seven years later that declared her innocent and released her from prison.


On cross-examination, Ching testified he had known Baby for about two years and Bocaling had known her about a year and that their meeting with the two "girls" was accidental. He also said that he was to talk to Morosi about the case, where he (Ching) was accused, of "robbery hold-up". (the fiscal volunteered the information that he was subsequently acquitted); that Melinda actually left the transistor on the window sill of the house (supposedly of Gordon); that it was Paking and Miroy who chased him, with Miroy about only five meters behind and Paking following, but he could not recognize the third one; that he was running sidewards; that there was no ill-feeling between him and Baby and Melinda, that about seven persons took part in the mauling, including Baby and Melinda; that that was the first time he ever went with Baby; that he was eighteen meters (his own estimate, not the court's) from the place of the mauling when he saw it; and that he saw two females taking part, and even saw Baby hitting Bocaling with a belt.

First of all, it is not disputed that the meeting of Ching and Bocaling with Melinda and Baby could not have been so anticipated by Baby that then and there she could have conceived the crafty Idea of luring the two, Ching and the deceased, to go with them to Sta. Ana, with such an uninteresting purpose of returning a transistor radio to Gordon, who happened to be a common friend, for the purpose of killing them. Secondly, from all appearances, the meeting was friendly and cordial, devoid, at least, of any indication of resentment on the part of Baby, as otherwise, why would Ching and the deceased have readily accepted the invitation? Ching himself declared that there was "no ill-feeling" between them. On the other hand, it is likewise a definite fact that Baby and Melinda were not strangers to Ching and the deceased. They were known to them as "call girls" for two years, � to Bocaling, one year. It does not need two guesses to be certain why the girls' supposed invitation was accepted, although, in this connection, I am more inclined to believe it was Ching and his companion who, as declared by Baby at the trial, insistently invited themselves. (Source:lawphil.net)



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