Dream Net Worth

Dream Net Worth

Dream Net Worth

Dream is a popular YouTube content creator and Twitch Streamer. The main videos that he creates revolve around Minecraft. With an almost anonymous identity, he managed to take over the gaming community and even Twitter. The creator has attracted such a large following that he was nominated for the Game Awards' "Content Creator of the Year" in 2021.



Clay, formerly known as Dream Was Taken or Dream Traps is a YouTuber from the United States who goes by the name of Dream. He has a popular series called Minecraft Speedrunner versus 1/2/3/4 Hunter that focuses on Minecraft game videos. He also produces another series in which he explores various in-game secrets. He also hosts a survival challenges series in which he attempts to complete the game in survival mode while overcoming difficulties. The dream has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021.It was on August 12, 1999, in the United States that Dream was birthed. Clay’s real name is unknown, although his birth name is Clay. He is a Virgo. He decided not to go to college after graduating high school last year, believing that he could get a job without it. He currently resides in Florida. Clay maintained a low profile in his personal life and never mentioned his parents. His siblings include a brother, sister, and sibling. No names are known.

He created his YouTube channel in 2016 but has not published any material since. He began working on films once more in January of this year and has been uploading since July. Dream’s films have risen to prominence rapidly, unlike many other YouTubers. The most recent viral video-PewDiePie’s Minecraft world seed. Within a few months, he had a million followers. In just a few months, he gained over ten million subscribers, putting him among the quickest-growing YouTubers. His most popular videos are his Versus Hunter videos.Dream started his Youtube career on Feb 8th, 2014 and his first video on the channel is him playing the game Minecraft poorly on purpose to frustrate viewers and during the time writing it been viewed over 16 Million times, then on November 2019 he uploaded the video titled ‘Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied,’ it been watched over 49 million times. Moreover, he has several Youtube channels including Dream, DreamXD, Dream Team, Dream Shorts, Dream Music, Minecraft Manhunt, and Dream Tech. In January 2019, Dream discovered the seed of a Minecraft world, and in another Youtube channel, he uploaded a video in which he and YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound have connected an Arduino board to an electric dog collar when one of the players lost health in Minecraft it will emit an electric shock. In December 2020, the Youtube released ‘YouTube Rewind series’ in which Dream video ‘Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE,’ was ranked seven on ‘Top Trending Video,’ and then he was also named as the number two ‘Top Creator’ and number one ‘Breakout Creator.’ In November 2020, Dream Livestream reached 700,000 views and became the 6th highest viewed gaming stream of all time. During the time of writing, his main Channel ‘Dream’ has 27.6 Million subscribers. Looking at his popularity, Dream achieved success during 2019 and 2020, where he mainly uploaded videos around Minecraft, also his YouTube series Minecraft Manhunt and his speedruns of Minecraft have been watched over million times. (Source: biographydaily.com)


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