Drawing a Caror

Drawing a Caror

Drawing a Car

Its a drawing of a car. Yep, thats it. The drawing is donut on a white page. The car is hollow, with a flat top and wide bottom. There are wings leading up from the flat part of the car, and the car's tires are small, like those of a motorcycle.


“Every little detail counts toward making a car recognizable,” says House. Features like a license plate, door handles, and cross-hatching on the headlights will go a long way toward boosting the realism of your car. Be sure to give your drawing a ground shadow, and don’t neglect interior details. Sketching the steering wheel and seats in darker shades gives depth to the inside of the car. To really make it pop, add highlights and shadows to show where the light hits the car.

This step can be a trouble spot for car drawings, but it’s important to put in the time to get it right. “Your ovals will really sell it,” says House. “Think of them in the same way you think of the car as a whole. Fit the wheels in a block and use perspective lines to carve out your wheel.” You can turn the front wheels out a bit to add some movement to your drawing. Begin to darken your final lines and start shading your drawing. (Source: www.adobe.com)


Hi, art and drawing lovers! We invite you to learn how to draw a car easy. There are many lessons on the Internet that show and teach how to draw vehicles, but many of these lessons are very difficult, or they only teach children to draw cartoon cars. We have prepared a drawing lesson that will teach you how to draw an ordinary car, but very easily.

Cars have long been an integral part of the lives of people around the world. In some cities it is generally difficult to imagine a day without a trip by car, for example, Los Angeles, where most people travel by private transport, is included in the category of such cities. The technologies for the production of cars have progressed so much that in the near future people will no longer drive on gasoline engines, but on electric vehicles, which will not even harm the ecology of our earth. (Source: howtodraweasy.net)


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