Newly released in Playboy in 2011, Eva Lovia is Playboy’s first 18+-year-old Playmate. With stunning model looks and an enticing personality, it’s no wonder she’s quickly become a go-to girl for companies looking to create marketing stunts.


While industry friends expressed admiration for her screenplay, most thought it would be a difficult film to finance. Potential producers suggested it be shot in color and not the black-and-white that Hall insisted on. Others wanted her to beef up the male roles in a story centered on two women. Finally, the project arrived at the door of producers Nina Yang Bongiovi and Forest Whitaker, who told Hall not to change a thing.

JONES Oh, good, I’m glad! Yeah, it was weird. You’re just living your life normally, and then suddenly you hear this knock at the door, and then there’s a Sundance award sitting on your doorstep and you’re like, “Wait, what?”

Waititi, who is Māori, made hiring Indigenous and Aboriginal Australians, along with New Zealanders, a priority for the various departments, saying, "It's a responsibility you have to the Indigenous people. You're coming to a country and you're bringing money into the economy and creating jobs but I think you have an even bigger responsibility to look after the people that have less opportunities." He added that having these people on the crew "feel[s] very much like family" and "helps calm me down and makes me feel relaxed". The Indigenous and Aboriginals were hired as part of an initiative by Screen Australia's Indigenous Department, whose mission is "to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a foot in the door of th“One moment, Miranda,” Tessa said. The maid bobbed an awkward curtsy and went out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

As they went downstairs together, Miranda marching along with her graceless, clipped gait, Tessa raised her hand to touch the chain around her throat where the clockwork angel hung. It was habit—something she did each time she was forced to see the Dark Sisters. Somehow the feel of the pendant around her neck reassured her. She kept hold of it as they passed landing after landing. There were several levels of corridors to the Dark House, though Tessa had seen nothing of it but the Dark Sisters’ chambers, the halls and stairs, and her own room. Finally they reached the shadowed cellar. It was dank down here, the walls clammy with unpleasant moisture, though apparently the Sisters didn’t mind. Their office was ahead, through a set of wide double doors. A narrow corridor led away in the other direction, vanishing into darkness; Tessa had no idea what lay down that hallway, but something about the thickness of the shadows made her glad she had never found out. (Source: www.simonandschuster.com)The click of the lock cut her thoughts off abruptly. The door opened; Miranda stood on the threshold. (Source:e film industry".

The doors to the Sisters’ office were open. Miranda didn’t hesitate, but clomped inside, Tessa following after her with great reluctance. She hated this room more than any other place on earth.

It had grown easier since then, the Changing. Tessa still didn’t understand what happened inside her to make it possible, but she had memorized the series of steps the Dark Sisters had taught her, the way a blind person might memorize the number of paces it takes to walk from their bed to the door of their room. She didn’t know what was around her in the strange dark place they asked her to journey to, but she knew the pathway through it. (Source: www.simonandschuster.com)

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