Dominique Mcelligott:

Dominique Mcelligott:

Dominique Mcelligot

Dominique McElligott (born March 5, 1986) is an Irish actress. She has appeared as a series regular on Raw (2008), Hell on Wheels (2011–2012), The Astronaut Wives Club (2015), House of Cards (2016–2017), The Last Tycoon (2016), and The Boys (2019–present). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The Boys Star Dominique Mcelligott on Queen Maeve in Season 3: 'is She Going to Find Redemption?'

While we did not get a chance to talk to The Boys actress Dominique McElligott for the season 2 postmortem digital cover story, we did right after the finale. Now that she's gotten a sense of the huge response this season has garnered, she tells EW, "It's been amazing. To be on a show that people have responded to so favorably is always nice, and to be a part of a collaboration that has enjoyed that process. It's nice to see people responding to it in a positive way." (Source: ew.com)

A few years after her time on "Hell on Wheels" came to an end, McElligott picked up three more main TV roles in quick succession. The first was playing Louise Shepard in "The Astronaut Wives Club" on ABC. Based on the book of the same name by Lily Koppel, the show focuses on the wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts from 1959. Co-starring Erin Cummings, Yvonne Strahovski, JoAnna Garcia, Zoe Boyle, Azure Parsons, and Odette Annable, the series explores the wives' experiences as their families are thrust into the public eye. With 10 episodes total, "The Astronaut Wives Club" worked as a miniseries and didn't go on to have more seasons. (Source: www.looper.com)

Five Things You Didn't Know About Dominique Mcelligott

Dominique McElligott is not what you would call a well-known actress unless you’re a big fan of the independent film scene. Even then she hasn’t starred in a truckload of films or TV roles and has kept a modest amount of fame that allows her to be recognized but not placed on superstar status. This isn’t to say that she’s not worth the title. In each role she gives a great deal of herself and is easily one of the more talented women in Hollywood, though it is tough to find her work at times. She’s played the role of very strong, independent women that have a very direct way about getting what they want out of life, but her characters have also been decidedly feminine in a way that suggests while her will is strong her physical strength is not always that much of a concern. Somehow though this gives her a very rounded presence as an actor. (Source: tvovermind.com)


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