Dolly Parton Quotes

Dolly Parton Quotes

Dolly Parton Quotes

What do you get when you ask two country music icons to riff on the power of Storytelling? More than than than you ever wished for. Barry Singer and Dolly Parton teamed up for this take on the future of how we tell stories. The Huffington Post's entertainment reporter, VF Daily's editor in chief, Tracy King, did a fantastic job capturing their thoughts on what makes a story great.

26 Dolly Parton Quotes That Will Inspire You to Live Your Best Life

When you say the word iconic, Dolly Parton likely comes to mind. Despite her decades in the limelight, the 74-year-old country music star—who recently said she wanted to recreate her famous Playboy cover for her 75th birthday—is not going anywhere, anytime soon. The "9 to 5" singer has been busy making fashion statements, starting the viral #DollyPartonChallenge, spending time with her husband of over 53 years, Carl Thomas Dean, releasing a Netflix show, and reading 50 books a year. Luckily, through her songs, books, social media, and interviews, she's blessed us with pearls of wisdom from her own life—"Dollyisms," if you will. So, we rounded up 26 funny, inspiring and honest quotes from Dolly Parton herself about love, marriage, life, work, and, yes, one of her, err, famous attributes.

35 Brilliant Pieces of Life Advice, Courtesy of Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton—queen of country music, style icon, and wildly successful businesswoman—is well accustomed to sharing bits and pieces of what she's learned throughout the years since her humble beginnings in Tennessee. She may be known for her older, more classic songs like "Coat of Many Colors," "9 to 5," and "Jolene," but she's still gifting us with brand new music even after decades in the business. (Dolly even recorded and released a brand new song during the coronavirus pandemic!) Of course, music isn't the only field she excels in. Between her many movies, her one-of-a-kind Dollywood amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and her amazing children's literacy organization (Dolly Parton's Imagination Library), Dolly's star power is totally undeniable. (Source: www.countryliving.com)

Top 30 Quotes of Dolly Parton Famous Quotes and Sayings

“Mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston. I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, 'Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed.'”

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Dolly Parton has been a cultural icon since her rise to stardom. These Dolly Parton quotes encapsulate the wholesome nature of her outlook on life and attitude toward love and other people. (Source: everydaypower.com)



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