Derek Luke.

Derek Luke.

Derek Luke

The Practice of taking a look at your past the way you would your future is a powerful way to improve your understanding of your past and improve yourself.

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A long-time aspiring actor who grabbed the public's attention with a stellar performance in the acclaimed "Antwone Fisher" (2002), Derek Luke emerged from years of obscurity to become an accomplished and respected performer. Not one to choose style over substance after his initial success, Luke has largely eschewed typical Hollywood fare to concentrate on meatier roles in smaller, but significant films that elevated the young actor's critical esteem. The cost, however, has been the spotlight-despite the recognition from "Antwone Fisher," Luke was yet a household name. But the comfortable anonymity suited the young actor just fine, even as he stood out as the star performer in roles both large and small, establishing what many believed would be a long and productive career


Luke won the Independent Spirit Award for best actor for Antwone Fisher, and in his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony confessed that just four years earlier, in 1999, he had worked as a waiter at the very same event. His starring role opened many new doors in Hollywood, and he went on to appear in the motorcycle-racing flick Biker Boyz alongside Laurence Fishburne and Orlando Jones. He then turned in a more understated performance in Pieces of April, a sweet comedy that starred Katie Holmes as young woman determined to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for her family at her hovel-like New York City apartment. In 2004, he appeared in Spartan—which also featured a role for his wife, Sophia Adella Hernandez—and then Friday Night Lights, but disappeared for much of 2005 while shooting his next project in South Africa.

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