daymond john wife

daymond john wife

Daymond john wife

Although there are countless celebrities that are famous for their love life, Daymond john's wife presents a unique angle into this world. John, the founder of the clothing company Fubu, has posted the story of his wife, Stacey Cunningham, fighting breast cancer, and has asked his viewers to pray for her. Daymond reveals personal details about Stacey’s life, including the struggles she faced with finding time to do her hair and makeup while fighting cancer.


Before his big fame and success with FUBU, Daymond was married with 2 daughters. But as his success rose, his touch with reality severed, and he abandoned what it meant to be a family man. His first wife filed for divorce but made Daymond promise to pay it forward and use his big money to make the community better, along with building better relationships with his daughter. This divorce led Daymond to changing who he was, how he did business, and how he treated relationships with people. This ultimately negative time in his life led to something really good, and turned him into a person ready to commit when he met his next wife, Heather. (Source: gazillions.com)

Heather was a big entrepreneur herself worth upwards of $300 million before she tied the knot with Daymond, though other than proudly posting on socials about how happy she is and how much fun she’s having with hubby and daughter, Heather remains a mystery. Not much is known about what she’s involved in when it comes to the business world, and as far as anyone can tell, she only reveals a couple of her passions, which involve world travel, being a mom to 5-year-old Minka, and an affinity for good fashion. (Source: gazillions.com)

John’s wife conceded not to take his daughters away completely if he promised to deal with his success in a positive way and pay it forward by giving to others. “This deal is non-negotiable,” John said his wife told him. The Shark Tank star made good on his promise and started helping under-served entrepreneurs and mentoring young men of color, through programs such as President Obama’s initiative, My Brother’s Keeper. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)


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SHARK TANK – 1207 Cousins from Houston, Texas, prove its go big or go home with their line of giant, inflatable holiday ornaments. A husband and wife from Normal, Illinois, have come up with a solution for his lingering in the bathroom. An entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah, shares his unique way to shred on the slopes, while an entrepreneur from Windham, New Hampshire, alerts the Sharks to a safety hazard for kids in the winter on Shark Tank, FRIDAY, DEC. 4 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Christopher Willard via Getty Images) DAYMOND JOHN (Source: www.realitytitbit.com)

When not at his New York City office or filming Shark Tank in LA, FUBU founder and serial entrepreneur investor Daymond John spends time with his hot wife Heather and their adorable little girl Minka. (Source: 2paragraphs.com)




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