David Wright:

David Wright:

He is a member of the School's Centre for the Study of Inequality, Culture and Difference and his research sits mainly within NTU's Safety and Security of Citizens and Society strategic theme. His research applies methods of corpus linguistics and discourse analysis in forensic and legal contexts and aims to help improve the delivery of justice using language analysis. His research spans across a range of intersections between language and the law and justice, language in crime and evidence, and discourses of abuse, harassment and discrimination. He regularly publishes in international journals and presents at international conferences. (Source: www.ntu.ac.uk)

Dr. David Wright is an associate professor in the Department of Biology. He teaches a number of courses, including introductory biology classes taken by freshmen biology majors and two upper-level courses, anatomy and neurobiology. Dr. Wright works on a number of research projects involving the study of developmental biology. He also pioneers new ways of teaching biology using the Internet. Software developed by Dr. Wright is used at many schools world-wide. He has also developed software for NASA. (Source: udayton.edu)

Lateral flow assays are one of the most common, simple and rapid formats for diagnostic tests. Unfortunately, many of them are simple not sensitive or specific enough to diagnose infections in the early stages when treatment is most effective. Our research group is asking the question: What are the approaches that could be used to make such tests 100-10,000 times more sensitive? (Source: www.vanderbilt.edu)

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