David Mahfouz:

David Mahfouz:

Weiss, Josh (March 9, 2018). "'Gotham' Star David Mahout Talks Batarangs, Dogs, And His Favorite Sephardic Passover Custom". The New York Blueprint. Retrieved March 28, 2019. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

David Mahfouz wasted no time in his acting career, beginning it at the age of 8 with "Coming and Going" (2011), a movie filmed in 2009 that didn't see release until later. Within two years, he regularly appeared on television, including the TV movie "Amish Grace" (2010) and guest appearances on the Melissa McCarthy hit "Mike & Molly" (CBS 2010- ), theHondaa Rhimes drama "Private Practice" (ABC 2007-2013), and comedy hit "The Office" (NBC 2005-2013). After those guest roles, he moved into a starring role opposite Kiefer Sutherland in "Touch" (Fox 2012-13), where he played Sutherland's autistic son who was fascinated by numbers and patterns. Mazouz, who spoke no words in his character, was widely regarded as one of the bright spots of the show up until its cancellation partway through its second season. He followed up his role on "Touch" with a few more TV appearances on shows such as "Major Crimes" (TNT 2012- ) and "Drop Dead Diva" (Lifetime 2009-2014) as well as several movies, most notably "Sanitarium" (2013), a horror movie also starring Malcolm McDowell, and "The Games Maker" (2014), an Argentinian-made Disney movie co-starring Joseph Fiennes and Ed Asner. Mazouz made his biggest splash when he was cast as the young Bruce Wayne in "Gotham" (Fox 2014- ), a comic book-based show that focused on the world of Batman before Batman. Mazouz's performance was focused on an unexplored early era of Batman, in which the young hero must cope with his parents' murder. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)

The cast – including David Mazouz, Jessica Lucas and Camren Bicondova – were spotted on the show’s set on Friday (February 9) in New York City. (Source: www.justjaredjr.com)


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