David Lemanowicz:

David Lemanowicz:

David Lemanowicz was born in Vancouver, Canada, on March 8, 1976. As of 2021, David has turned 45 years old. Lemanowicz seems to be very secretive about his person, who hardly reveals any of his detail. There is no information about David’s parents, siblings, friends, and relatives of Lemanowicz on any internet sites. (Source: theglobalstardom.com)

popularnetworth.com)David Lemanowicz, 44, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on March 8, 1976. Pisces is his zodiac sign. David is of Polish origin and holds both Canadian and American citizenship. He and his parents came to Canada from Poland and settled in Vancouver. (Source:

popularnetworth.com popularnetworth.com))On April 8, 2017, David and his bride Jill Wagner exchanged wedding vows. David’s second wife, Jill, is his second wife. The couple had a daughter named Lija Lemanowicz during their marriage. The couple is having a wonderful time as a married couple. The three-person family lives happily in Before marrying Jill, David Lemanowicz was married to Gina. However, the former couple’s marriage only lasted a few years. In a private ceremony in 2005, he and his first wife Gina exchanged wedding vows. Years ago, when David was a student in Toronto, he met Gins. (Source:Los Angeles. (Source:

David began his career as a hockey player at the age of 19. He was drafted into the National Hockey League by the Florida Panthers following his graduation from high school. Similarly, he entered the National Hockey League Entry Draft as a hockey player in 1995, finishing 218th overall. Despite his involvement in sports as a player, he achieves celebrity following his marriage to Teen Wolf actress Jill Wagner. Similarly, she is an actress-model and co-host of ABC’s summer. She has also appeared in a number of television series and films. (Source: biographygist.com)

David retired nearly after 13 years, and as soon as he retired as a player, he started his career as a hockey coach. He signed a goaltending coach deal with the Rio Grande Valley Bees and pursued his hockey coach career. David came into the limelight of media after he married young actress Jill, who is best known for co-hosting ABC summer and for her appearance in several movies and TV shows. Jill is working in Anti-Trafficking International: Stop human trafficking campaign. (Source: theglobalstardom.com)

David Lemanowicz is a well-known Canadian personality known as a national hockey player and a hockey coach. Besides his profession, David is also recognized as a celebrity husband of Jill Wanger, a famous American television star, actress, and model. (Source: theglobalstardom.com)

Wagner, 42, shared the news in a Monday, August 30, Instagram letter to husband David Lemanowicz, writing, “On August 19, 2021, you held my hand as we welcomed our sweet little Daisy Roberta Lemanowicz into this world. Neither one of us knowing the madness the hours following would hold. One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you always made me feel safe. I guess I never truly knew how very important that was until now.” (Source: www.msn.com)

The retired professional hockey player first became a father in his previous marriage, sharing 11-year-old daughter Lija with his ex-wife, Gina. His and Wagner’s first child, Army, was born in April 2020. (Source: www.msn.com)

For anyone familiar with ice hockey, the name David Lemanowicz might ring a bell. Yes, the former ice hockey player is finally getting his well-deserved popularity. But, his sports career is not the only thing that has catapulted his fame. The ex-sportsman is a part of the American military. Also, he is the husband of famous Television and film actress Jill Wagner. (Source: yachol.com)

Jill and David took time to understand each other after the reunion. They dated for several years and finally climbed up to the engagement stage in 2016. A year later and the two exchanged their holy vows surrounded by their loved ones. The reception was on the 8th of April at The Rose Hill Plantation located in Nashville. The two have been together for two years now and share a beautiful daughter named Jia. (Source: yachol.com David was a part of the Canadian National Hockey team. Throughout his career, he has contributed to a lot of games and even worked as a coach in his later years. Although his actual net worth details remain under evaluation, he is estimated to own around $9 Million worth of money. On the other hand, his wife Jill enjoys a healthy net worth of $4 million all thanks to her successful career as a model, actress, and game show personality. (Source:yachol.com))



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