David Justice:

David Justice:

Justice explains that he avoided fighting with Berry in the press because he didn’t have the tools he needed to win. “As a baseball player back in those days, there were no publicists, I didn’t have a team. Halle had managers, lawyers, publicists, etc. It was Team Halle versus me.” By keeping silent, Justice adds, “I thought I was taking the high road, and as a result a lot of stuff was said about me, and because I didn’t saying anything back, a lot of people thought it must’ve been true.” (Source: people.com)

Justice denied the incident, saying through a spokesperson at the time that “I pose no threat to Halle.” He had previously accused her of overreacting. “Every time she saw a picture of me with a woman, any woman who might have been standing by my side, she thought I was cheating,” he told PEOPLE when they split in 1996. “I’ve never known a girl who could throw a tantrum like she does.” Years later, she would tell Parade magazine that the split from the man she once called her “prince on a white horse” led her to attempt suicide. (Source: people.com)

Justice's time at the Indians proved that the Braves made the wrong decision. In 1997, he continued to raise eye brows with his performance with 33 home runs as well as making his second World Series. The 1998 and 1999 seasons were also good for Justice, and the 2000 season was arguable the highlight of his career. In that season, Justice clocked up solid numbers on the scoreboards, with 41 home runs and 118 Run Batted In (RBI). After leaving the Indians on a high, Justice then moved to the New York Yankees in the summer of 2000. With the Yankees, he won the AL Championship MVP award. Unfortunately, things turned for the worst as Justice suffered a groin injury that subsequently affected his performance. The Yankees transferred Justice to the New York Mets in December 2001 and a week later, the Mets sent him to Oakland Athletics. In the first week of the 2002 season, Justice was hailed the Player of the Week. His time with the Athletics was considered as an experiment by the team's Assistant General Manager. The experiment was to test whether older baseball players can maintain their performance. Justice retired from the game the same year. Since the baseball years, Justice was a baseball commentator for ESPN for a couple of years. He then went on to YES Network as a game and studio analyst. In 2007, Justice –who was once voted as 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine in 1994 – was inducted into the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame in 2007. Justice and his family currently live in San Diego, and recently appeared on the ABC hit series, Celebrity Wife Swap. Justice and his wife Rebecca have three children: David Jr., D.J., Raquel and Rebecca's parents also live with the family. (Source: www.celebritynetworth.com)



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