David Howard Thornton:

David Howard Thornton:

Thornton’s undeniable skill hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, the voice artist scored a 2017 Voice Arts Award for his role in the western podcast Powder Burns, a recognition of the artist’s skill and dedication. Today, following the success of Terrifier 2, Thornton continues to work on a number of voice-over projects, bringing his signature ability to the world of film and television and bringing characters to life in a whole new way. (Source: mn2s.com)

Thornton is probably best known for his stage-based role as the Grandpa in the Musical of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Globally however, Thornton is incredibly respected in the world of voice overs, animation and video games, landing his first job for the game Invizimals – where he impressively voiced multiple characters. Talent moves quickly in these types of circles, and sure enough, it wasn’t long before Thornton was proving his linguistic dexterity to the wider world. Voicing the Joker on the Youtube series Nightwing: Escalation gave Thornton the leg up he was looking for, yet naturally, he strived for more. A few years later, Thornton’s character articulation was required once again for the part of Art the Clown in hit horror-gore The Terrifier – a real testament to his skills in semantics. (Source: mn2s.com)

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A linguistic mastermind, David Howard Thornton is most prominently known for his voice-over work, with an armoury of over 200 impressions and a further awe-inspiring 25 dialects. Credited for over 10 on screen productions, Thornton’s character-embellishing artistry is remarkably impressive, bringing characters to life from a spectrum of genres. (Source: mn2s.com)


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