David Frum Twitter:

David Frum Twitter:

David Frum, well-known author and political pundit, former George W. Bush speechwriter and Senior Editor of The Atlantic was a guest of Preet Bharara on a recent episode of the podcast Stay Tuned with Preet (starting at 18:45). In it, Frum talks about his use of Twitter, saying “Twitter is a dangerous tool; it is an opportunity to end your career in a second.” (Source: www.michmab.com)

It's human nature to assess difficult questions, not on the merits, but on our feelings about the different 'teams' that form around different answers. To cite a painful personal experience: During the decision-making about the Iraq war, I was powerfully swayed by the fact that the proposed invasion of Iraq was supported by those who had been most right about the Cold War—and was most bitterly opposed by those who had been wrongest about the Cold War. Yet in the end, it is not teams that matter. It is results. As Queen Victoria's first prime minister bitterly quipped after a policy fiasco: 'What wise men had promised has not happened. What the damned fools predicted has actually come to pass.'" (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Speaker Pelosi has hinted strongly this will be her last term in the House. And back in her district, buzz is building over her potential successor — and the possibility that her daughter, CHRISTINE PELOSI, could make a play for the seat. San Francisco insiders say there’s no doubt that Christine wants it if her mother retires. But the competition will be fierce for a seat that hasn’t been truly up since 1987. One potential candidate, state Sen. SCOTT WIENER, has strong LGBTQ backing and has been laying the groundwork at the grassroots and local levels. (Source: www.politico.com)

Twitter said its policy enables world leaders to speak to the public, but that these accounts “are not above our rules entirely” and can't use Twitter to incite violence. Trump had roughly 89 million followers. Twitter shares fell roughly 4% in after-hours trading, reflecting concerns that the Trump ban might reduce usage and advertising sales. (Source: www.ctvnews.ca)


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