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David Frum

David Frum

AllThe fight over January 6 is about much more than the law. (Source: Stories by David Fru

Where’s the Cheap Beef?

www.theatlantic.com)The rising prices at the supermarket checkout are a problem with no simple explanation. But Democratic hopes may depend on finding the right answer. (Source:

www.theatlantic.com)Texas Republicans Got What They Wanted. They Might Regret It.Until now, Republicans have had a lucrative, no-risk way to rail against abortion. But accountability is coming. (Source:

David Fru

David Jeffrey Frum (/frÊŒm/; born June 30, 1960) is a Canadian-American political commentator and a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, who is currently a senior editor at The Atlantic as well as an MSNBC contributor. In 2003, Frum authored the first book about Bush's presidency written by a former member of the administration. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

www.americanacademy.de)David Frum is a staff writer at The Atlantic. (Source:

David Frum is a staff writer at The Atlantic. (Source: www.americanacademy.de)

www.americanacademy.de)American ExceptionDavid Frum of The Atlantic talks about his latest book project: renewing American global leadership after Trump. (Source:alism: an Outdated Idea?

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If Bureaucrats Restrict the Information They Share With Political Leaders, the Damage Could Prove Deep and Lasting.

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Social & Political Commentator, Staff Writer at the Atlantic

One of the most influential political analysts of our time, David Frum brings a rational conscience into the mainstream and the often-polarized world of American politics. He helps crystallize what the current political climate will mean for your business or organization – for the good, the bad and the future. As a Staff Writer at The Atlantic, David’s commentary on social and political issues generates thought-provoking discussions throughout America and around the world. (Source: www.nsb.com)

www.eApr 11, 2009 ... This week, we talked to David Frum, a former speechwriter for George Bush and founder of NewMajority.com, a political website devoted to ... (Source:conomist.com)Search

www.economist.com)“never Trump” Republicans Could Have Their ReveAug 9, 2018 ... Led by conservative pundits such as Max Boot, David Brooks, Bill Kristol, David Frum and George Will, they are few in number, gallantly in ... (Source:nge | the Economist

www.economist.com)Can America's Moderates Win the Battle of IdeMay 31, 2018 ... Joining them are Jonathan Cowan, founder of Third Way, David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantic, and John Negroponte, ormer Director of ... (Source:as? | the Economist

The Deeper Shifts Affecting Democracy in America | the Economist

Jan 25, 2018 ... By David Frum. Harper; 320 pages; $25.99. To be published in Britain in February; £20. How Democracies Die: What History Tells Us About Our ... (Source: www.economist.com)

David Frum

David Frum is a senior editor at The Atlantic. From 2001 to 2002, he served as speechwriter and special assistant to President George W. Bush and, from 2007 to 2008, he served as senior adviser to the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaigns. Frum is the author of eight books, including, most recently, the e-book Why Romney Lost and his first novel Patriots. His first book, Dead Right, was described by Frank Rich of the New York Times as “the smartest book written from the inside about the American conservative movement” and by the late William F. Buckley as “the most refreshing ideological experience in a generation.” His memoir of the Bush administration, The Right Man, was a #1 New York Times bestseller. (Source: www.intelligencesquaredus.org)

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The Fight Over January 6 Is About Much More Than the Law. (Source: Www.theatlantic.com)Where’s the Cheap Beef?

www.theatlantic.com)The rising prices at the supermarket checkout are a problem with no simple explanation. But Democratic hopes may depend on finding the right answer. (Source:


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