David Dobrik Puzzle;

David Dobrik Puzzle;

sg.style.yahoo.com)After scanning the QR code, players will be redirected to a website where they enter a unique verification code featured on the puzzle box. Players can then find out how much they've won and choose a payment method (PayPal or Venmo). Players have one chance in 100,151 available codes of winning the top $100,000 prize. There are also 50 prizes each of $1,000, $500, $250 and $100. However, 95,500 codes come with a prize of 25 cents. In total, the puzzle prize pot adds up to $251,125 thanks to the various QR codes. (Source:

In a December 2020 “VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash” podcast episode, Dobrik said it was the biggest selling product he’s released, which he didn’t expect. Dobrik also wanted to warn fans off buying multiple puzzles to raise their chances of winning or even expecting they have much of a chance of winning a big prize. (Source: www.simplemost.com)

David Dobrik has made a name for himself for his outlandish lifestyle and generous gifts to friends and fans. In December of 2020, the former Viner turned YouTube star released his latest venture, titled 'The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle,' giving his fans a chance to receive up to $100,000. Fans can enter their completed puzzles by scanning the QR codes they create, which may lead them to the jackpot. (Source: www.trendhunter.com Unlike Dobrik’s previous giveaways, this one won’t include a Tesla, but it will offer cash. The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle costs $30 to buy, and it may reward you with somewhere between 25 cents and $100,000. Here’s how it works: assembling the puzzle will reveal a QR code. Once you scan the code you’ll be directed to a site where you plug in a unique verification code that came on the puzzle box. From there you’ll know your winnings. (Source:news.iheart.com))

For those of you that don't know the story behind the 100k puzzle, it was a limited run of jigsaw puzzle boxes sold by YouTuber David Dobrik. The puzzle cost me $30 and upon completion, I had to take a picture of the final image which prompted my phone to scan the QR code that then took me to a website that asked me to input my unique verification code (comes with the puzzle) which in turn revealed how much money I had won. It was all very exciting until I found out I was just another sucker that won twenty five cents. (Source: vocal.media)


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