David Cornet:

David Cornet:

In Hollywood, Careset plays Jack Castello, an incredibly green aspiring actor chasing his dreams of finding a community in the industry he idolized. In a series that explores a revisionist take on cinema’s golden, it is easy to question what role someone like Jack plays in that narrative. In a conversation with Awards Daily, Corenswet dives into that topic and explores the themes that turned the limited series into one of the most talked about series of the year. He also talks about what he took away from that revisionist narrative, the collaborative nature of the project, and what it was working with his Juilliard idol, Patti LuPone. (Source: www.awardsdaily.com)

DC: It is an amazing gift for an actor who loves filmmaking. There are some pure actors who just want to show up and do their thing and don’t even watch the finished work. I really love storytelling and filmmaking as a broader project so I will jump at any opportunity to see any part of it that becomes available. Being involved in those conversations, learning the ins and outs of how this was made, it was special. Ryan really loves actors and giving them authority. (Source: www.awardsdaily.com)

It wasn’t the end. First, the 26-year-old started hearing “vague” rumblings that he could join a different Murphy project in Politician’s wake. Then he learned about Hollywood like the rest of us: through Ryan Murphy’s February 2019 Instagram announcement. “I was at home in Philadelphia with my dad and my sister and I showed it to them,” Corenswet says. “We all kinda went, This would be too good to be true. It couldn’t possibly be what he wants me for.” (Source: www.refinery29.com)

Working with Ryan Murphy is an actor’s dream, or at least it was for actor David Corenswet. With his breakout year, the actor collaborated with Murphy on two major projects: first in The Politician and then in a starring role in the Netflix limited series Hollywood. “Ryan really loves actors and giving them authority,” Corenswet says, and that is exactly the nature of their working relationship in the new Netflix limited series. Not only did Corenswet sign on to star in Hollywood, but he also was able to push himself creatively behind the camera as an executive producer. (Source: www.awardsdaily.com)

Criss’ zen in the face of daunting Peak TV-making extravagance seems to have rubbed off on Corenswet. “The best thing is, our director on Moe and Jerryweather, Max Woertendyke, came and visited me on set when I started Hollywood,” Corenswet begins, name-checking his Juilliard pal (who had a bit part in Succession season 2). “He just says, You know, it’s just bigger kids with bigger toys. It’s true. When you’re actually on set making these things, it’s all the same. It’s a bunch of imaginative kids grown up to make imaginative adults who are making their silly ideas into a reality.” (Source: www.refinery29.com)


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