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Curbed atlanta

Curbed atlanta

Okay, so, what is Curbed Atlanta? Curbed Atlanta is a blog on Curbed.com focused on Upper Midtown Atlanta. For those of you on the hook for a few words of explanation, Upper Midtown is a cross-section of a densely populated neighborhood of office buildings, high-end condos, and retail.


I have read Curbed faithfully for the last 7 years, and I was missing it already because no new articles have come out for the past couple of weeks, so I was beginning to wonder what was happening. Curbed Atlanta does have a big community of followers and has served as a good source of important news. I really hate this. We need local news.

Thank you for providing this update. I’ve been really missing it. The expensive ($350/yr) ATL Biz Chronicle has published several articles behind its paywall about major real estate developments in the city in the past few weeks. Curbed would usually follow up with a free story about those developments a day or two later. Any one who invests or follows real-estate in this city uses this publication as a daily free resource. I was really starting to wonder what was going on with them. Lets hope they resume publication in August. And yes its a “beloved” publication like this one.… Read more » (Source: whatnowatlanta.com)

How appropriate that the first two comments on this post are snarky cynics talking about promoting homes in “Sketchy Neighborhoods” (Reeks of suburban POV) and a comment saying Curbed was not beloved, these comments are right on brand for Curbed Atlanta Trolls. I was a daily reader of Curbed Atlanta and will miss it terribly. The comment sections (Avoiding Trolls) was always an interesting read to get different perspectives. I found my in-town neighborhood partially from articles and information shared through Curbed Atlanta between 2012~2015. This site has been impressive the last 6 months or so, sometimes breaking stories before… Read more » (Source: whatnowatlanta.com)

Curbed Atlanta editor Josh Green took to Facebook and Twitter to announce that the local real estate news site would cease publication for now. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution followed up with an article detailing how the news outlet’s parent company, Vox Media, announced furloughs of 100 employees, including Green. (Source: www.architecturaldigest.com)

Check out the full article at Curbed Atlanta. (Source: visualsoldiers.com)

Thanks for the link. I have their RSS on Feedly, and I noticed they hadn’t posted for a week or so. The site was filled with too many lazy posts just cribbing from the MLS listings, and the comments could be, uh, something else (I was under the impression that Atlanta’s was one of the few city sites with an active talkback community.) But they would still post a handful of articles per week that made the site worth reading. (Source: www.reddit.com)

Well that sucks, but 95% of their articles were 'look at this expensive house you can't buy' followed by Fark-level circlejerky comments. (Source: www.reddit.com)

Every article is a highly opinionated, slanted, rambling essay about why they hate Atlanta and how they know how to magically fix everything about it. (Source: www.reddit.com)

hub404.org)Full Article & Images: https://atlanta.curbed.com/2019/10/31/20940718/hub404-buckhead-atlanta-highway-park-marta-georgia400 (Source:

Read the full article in Curbed Atlanta. (Source: metatl.com)


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