Creating a Characteror

Creating a Characteror

Creating a Character

Why do humans create fictional characters? Most likely, it's to create a person who is not limited to being just a representation of the self. Through different factions and abilities, we can connect with a character in a way we would never be able to through ourselves. In this way, we can see other parts of ourselves in them.


Creating character interest is vital when trying to reel in devoted readers. After all, your characters are the building blocks of your novel. They’re what will make your readers really care about the outcome and keep turning pages. Creating in-depth character sketches or outlines is a great way to climb inside your characters’ skin. Here are more tips for writing believable characters.

Think about how each character’s voice can strengthen the reader’s impression of strengths and weaknesses. A soft-spoken character might show surprising courage and ferocity. A loud character might turn silent because they’re in a grave situation. Your character’s voice can change, and this makes a character dynamic. (Source: www.nownovel.com)


Try to give examples of their powers, write a scene where they use their abilities to do something. For instance, if you have someone who's able to control fire then you might have a scene like this: "Luke and Cyan sat down on the ground after many failed attempts to start a campfire. Suddenly, Luke looked like he was thinking about something really hard and then he held out his hand and a ball of flame ignited in his palm. 'THAT WAS AMAZING!' Becky cried out in disbelief." Make it a natural part of the scene.

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When you’d like to create a character for a book, you might have a slight idea of who you’d like them to be. You’ve got it down to maybe a man who works a particular job, but then you get stuck. How do you develop your character into a three-dimensional person that your reader actually cares about? We’re going to look at what goes into creating a character step-by-step, and how you can develop a character with personality that jumps off the page.

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