Create a Facebook Accountor

Create a Facebook Accountor

Create a Facebook Account

You don't need a Facebook account to perform basic tasks on the social media platform such as uploading a profile photo. You also don't need one to comment on a post.


The experience of using two Facebook accounts through two apps is not as seamless as what the Twitter users get when they use two Twitter accounts from within one app, but it also avoids some of the confusion that single app-multiple accounts may create. In fact, it might be even preferable to single app-multiple accounts methods. But we digress, so let's talk of the way to solve the dual Facebook account problem.

Another reason to go anonymous is to avoid unwanted attention from your work colleagues or people from school. With an anonymous account, you don’t have to add acquaintances and people you barely know out of politeness and allow them to snoop on your private life on Facebook. At the same time, your friends and people that you actually want to have on your friends list will still know who you really are, so you won’t be totally disconnected from the digital world. (Source: www.online-tech-tips.com)


Go to your inbox, (You may want to check your spam folder) and you’ll see a new email from the facebook team, open it and you will see a link to confirm your account, click on it and that’s it. You’re now ready, the system will take you to the find your friends page, you can start searching your friends via email or connecting your facebook account to another email service/social network such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Messenger or Outlook.

Verify your account via SMS, to unlock all facebook features you must prove that you’re a human. Just go to settings, privacy, verify my account and press “Send me a message” if you didn’t register a phone number you’ll have to do it now, in a few minutes you’ll receive a message with a code, write it and now your account is ready and verified to use the facebook services, post photos, videos, statuses and connect with your friends. (Source: createnew-account.com)


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