Craigslist ps5

Craigslist ps5

Craigslist ps5

Craigslist has created a new way for users to find and sell goods and services and buy and sell personal items. To make it easier to use, Craigslist has launched a website that is similar to the site's popular service.


A small minority of professional resellers are using "bot" software that enables them to buy items faster than any human being could. But for the vast majority of resellers — individuals who secured two to five consoles — there was no subversive software enabling their initial purchases. Through a variety of methods, many of which anyone can use, some people have been able to secure several PlayStation 5 consoles.

Can the controllers from one console be used with another?People are literally getting scammed for their money and worst yet, these scammers are coming from all kinds of places. You can go on Instagram and find a PS5 for sale. The seller has a bunch of positive feedback, everyone comments on their posts claim the seller is legit, so you’re feeling like it’s probably a safe bet this person is going to do right by you. Sadly, some sellers that were once legit are now going to the dark side and that is likely pushback from the financial toll that the Covid-19 pandemic caused so many people. That’s no excuse, though, I’m just saying maybe true colors have begun to shine. Not only have good sellers gone bad, but there are aso sellers that actually create hundreds of fake accounts and use them to give themselves credibility. It is endless, I tell ya! (Source: ps5playstation5.com)


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You will also find plenty of scams on websites like Craigslist. I know that isn’t surprising to some, but it still happens on a daily basis. You’ll come across a listing, the buyer says they will ship and convince you to pay ahead of time because you might not pay them when the order arrives, etc. Honestly, these scammers will find a way to make you feel like you’re dishonest if you’re not willing to pay upfront. Even if you suspect they are scammers, they will try and either talk you into it or they will play it off like it’s not a big deal if you don’t buy it from them because it is a PS5 after all and it will sell quickly. That’s what they want you to think, but you are absolutely better off buying from a reputable source, even if it means waiting longer to get one. (Source: ps5playstation5.com)



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