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CraigsList Peoria: K&T Vertical Head for 3-5/8" Overarms (Source: Thread: Craigslist Peoria: K&t Vertical Head for 3-5/8" Overarms

I found this while searching for a vertical head for my 2CHL. The seller describes it as fitting K&T machines with 3-5/8" overarms but doesn't mention the overarm spacing. It looks like there is an unmounted drive gear - who knows if it is actually for that head. At $500 though, someone is probably going to get a reasonable deal. (Source:

Personals in Peoria, I

Landmark Health Club at N. Dries Lane, Visit CruisingGays for hookup, photos and a map of Gyms In or Out in Peoria. A Closer Look at the Dating Data...

They upload them on the website after editing them. I received many messages from ladies every day even when I did not set up my profile properly. I asked my self how come I receive many messages from ladies who do not know me yet. When I asked the website customer service they replied "we have thousand of ladies members who seek relationship". That is not a convincing answer. You have to pay for every step such as, send messages, viewing messages, visiting pictures on chat rooms. They charge too much for what they offer to members.

Power King Collection on Peoria Craigslist

I have seen this collection or at least some of it for sale before.I assume the $9500 is for the totally rebuilt one.There was a 2414 factory new just dealer prepped that sold for around $5000 at auction. Peoria Man Robbed in Craigslist Deal

Police are investigating after an East Peoria man reported being attacked and robbed of two cellphones when responding to a Craigslist advertisement.

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Alliance Review, Press News, News Leader, & Mr. Thrifty, Alliance, OH

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