Craigslist nwa

Craigslist nwa

Craigslist NWA

The vast classified site has a fascinating history. It's a symbol of a one-time attempt at democratic planning on a massive scale, most well known for hosting casual, flexible, and organic markets for used stuff. If you've ever thought about turning your used car into cash, or a good laugh at the expense of people who use craigslist as a personal ad service, I hope this article helps you better appreciate craigslist.com's rich history.


A couple in Saraland, Alabama, had an out-of-the-box idea to adopt a baby. They turn to Craigslist! Yes, Craigslist…the site where most people buy and sell things like cars and furniture.

Whitney and Shanes Starnes felt called to adopt for years. After being told it would take years if they used an agency, they decided to “put themselves out there.” Whitney posted on Facebook, MySpace, and other social platforms. On a whim, she decided to post on Craigslist. (Source: www.nwahomepage.com)

Attorney Richard Shields says the Starnes were “lucky.” He is not affiliated with their case. He says they opened themselves up to people with bad intentions. Shields has handled countless adoptions through the years and has never had a couple find a birth mother through Craigslist. In fact, he says he would not recommend it. (Source: www.nwahomepage.com)


Craigslist is a website that marries free classifieds listings with buyers and sellers. The website is operated by Chicago classifieds giant Craig Newmark, who in 1995 began offering free online ads in the San Francisco Bay Area's 65-year-old newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle.Miraculously, a birth mother contacted them that they believed had good intentions. After talking to her via email, they hired an attorney to help them navigate the last few months of the woman’s pregnancy. The birth mother was actually from the West Coast but just happened to be living in West Mobile, miles from their home. They call that a “God thing.” (Source: www.nwahomepage.com)

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