Craigslist Newport RI

Craigslist Newport RI

Craigslist Newport RI

Watching Craigslist for potential rental leads is one of the best ways to find a new home. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your Craigslist listing. In comments, send me your favorite tips for succeeding on Craigslist.


Are you coming up empty on Craigslist Newport? No luck with Zillow either? Browse all the houses, apartments and condos for rent in Newport. If living in Newport is not a strict requirement, you can instead search for nearby Providence apartments, Pawtucket apartments or Fall River apartments. You can swipe through beautiful photos, filter for specific amenities, and contact landlords with a few simple clicks.

"Just found out that someone posted my house on Craigslist and is trying to scam rent from people. This adorable couple just showed up on my doorstep, they were checking to see if the house was available before sending money to someone they’d never met," Guertin posted to Facebook on Friday. "PSA: Don’t do that. Also, what is wrong with this world!" (Source: www.golocalprov.com)

"So I went on Craiglist to look for it to take it down but couldn't find it," said Guertin. "Then this morning I hear my dog bark and she didn't stop, so I went to find out. It was a young couple. They said we heard it was for rent -- I'd rented it out last week -- and they said they saw the ad on Craigslist. And the guy wanted the rent for the first month sent to him." (Source: www.golocalprov.com)


Craigslist is the world's largest online classified advertising website and web portal. It is a resource for millions of people seeking new relationships, jobs, housing, and items for sale, among other classified ads."It's a scam. I know Craigslist has on the posts to not send money, but these people are desperate -- some people have to move, you don't know why -- and they have a limited budget, and they see the price listed," said Guertin. "it's not good." (Source:www.golocalprov.com)


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