Craigslist Missed Connections

Craigslist Missed Connections

This Craigslist Missed Connections

We've often had our laughs at many local Craigslist 'Missed Connections' ads on the radio. Thanks to Congress, those days are over.

It was a sad day when Craigslist shut down its personals section. Many users were mourning the loss of one of the original popular online dating platforms.

We would say that a majority of the Craigslist personals alternatives that we’ve listed in our guide are pretty similar to the Craigslist platform. )Each and every Craigslist personals alternative we’ve listed has a free version in some capacity. (Source:

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Statistically, your soulmate is probably at Publix right about now. Photo by Matheus Viana / Pexels

This Might Be the Best Craigslist Missed Connection of All Time

Craigslist is known for many things, but perhaps the most famous is its Missed Connections section. Amorous city dwellers who couldn't work up the nerve to say something to that cute stranger they were eye-flirting with on the train can post a message detailing the time and place, hoping said stranger will do the same. The messages are generally short and sweet, like, "I was the one in the blue headphones, you were the one in the pink skirt. We both got off at Union Square and I wish I ran after you..." But this post from the Boston Missed Connections board is different, and it's gone viral. So what's all the fuss about, and why is Wired saying this might be "the first Craigslist ad to win a Pulitzer"? Read it for yourself: I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972, the same day I resolved to kill myself. One week prior, at the behest of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, I'd flown four B-52 sorties over Hanoi. I dropped 48 bombs. How many homes I destroyed, how many lives I ended, I'll never know. But in the eyes of my superiors, I had served

Ct Is Catching up on It's 'missed Connections' on Craigslist

Missed Connections is where you go if you want to find an old flame or attempt to find someone you never really took a chance with. It's just a small part of Craigslist and It's a huge shot in the dark. You hope someone you lost connection with checks and answers your ad

I Womaned up on Craigslist Missed Connections to Find My Bus Boy

Here’s a problem I have: I’ve never been able to tell someone I’m attracted to how I feel about them. How bad is it? In college, I was struggling in one of my classes to the point where my grade was in serious jeopardy. But since the student tutor was a classmate of mine who I had a huge crush on, I didn’t reach out to him for help. The idea of having to sit directly across from him while he helped me with my papers terrified me. So instead, I continued to muddle through the course, and only finally emailed him for help on the term paper. He responded, saying that his preferred method of tutoring was communicating through track changes on Microsoft Word. I’m still kicking myself for not woman-ing up sooner.

Map of Craigslist Missed Connections

On Craigslist there’s a section in the personals for “missed connections” which lets people post missed chances at love with the (slim) hopes that the person he or she saw sees the random post on Craiglist. They usually start off like, “I saw you in that place, and you were…” Dorothy Gambrell mapped the most frequent location for each state.

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