Craigslist La County.

Craigslist La County.

Craigslist La County

The Key Difference Between Craigslist and Craigslist LA County Is That the Former Is a Free Classifieds Site, While the Latter Is a Nonprofit That Funds Other Nonprofit and Public Agencies to Provide Public Service and Advocacy Work. so Who Uses Craigslist LA County? the Site’s Management Team Ran a Survey in January 2019, and Found That the Major Reason People Are Using the New Site Is That They’re Seeking to “be Part of the Community”.

Investigators Believe One Suspect Used the Same Ad to Bait Other Robbery Victims

A Craigslist ad linked to several armed robberies lured a Southern California father and his son to a deadly encounter with two teenage gang members in South Los Angeles, LAPD investigators said Monday.

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Craigslist To Drop Personals Ads In Response To Sex Trafficking BillThe bill makes it easier to sue websites that allow sex traffickers to post ads. Tech companies had fought the bill, saying they were not responsible for what people post on their platforms.

'he Probably Suffered': Peacock Shot After Craigslist A

. But I heard about a startling incident that merits another visit to the subject: A Humboldt County resident says a peacock that visited her neighborhood over the last six years was found dead recently after a Craigslist post called for the killing of the bird.


One long-time heroin addict, who requested anonymity, suggested the Craigslist fentanyl marketplace was due to the bust of an extensive, well-used San Fernando Valley-based heroin delivery services — known by addicts and police as Manny’s Delivery Service — in December, 2017. Addicts and mid-level dealers from as far away as Anaheim and Bakersfield were said to patronize the service.

“We’ve observed a high frequency of involvement of Craigslist in the dissemination of [illegal] drugs,” said Ben Barron, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles who is prosecuting the region’s first Craigslist-related fentanyl death case. The case involves Andrew Madi, an alleged Craigslist heroin and fentanyl dealer who is accused of selling fentanyl that killed a buyer last summer. (Source: insightcrime.org)



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