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Craigslist Humboldt is a new site with the goal of finding a romantic, satisfying, sustainable relationship between awesome people who want a good match. We started with the Humboldt area of California because that was close to where we live and had a large number of our friends and family, and we wanted to test the site in a small, simple form before we applied for registration with the state for a general release.


Click 'Self Help' at top of the Court page. There are classes and an attorney to help you to help yourself in small claims court, restraining orders, evictions, guardianship, and certain other legal matters. Help is free but limited.


Here you'll find index entries for articles from 1989 - 2005, kept by the Humboldt State University Library. Use microfilm either at Eureka Main Library or at Humboldt State to get the full article



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