Craigslist com nh

Craigslist com nh

Craigslist com NH

Craigslist, the controversial classified ads site, has been around for more than 20 years.


Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald warns New Hampshire residents about several recent reports of property rental scams through Craigslist. The scam involves an apartment or house that is offered for rent on Craigslist. The post will often contain significant details about the property, including photos, in an attempt to convince the consumer that the offer is legitimate. Often, the scam artist uses photos and information that are copied from a legitimate posting by the owner of the property.

I value fami. X Tools craigslist I have open h. I am also very looking, cheerful and hampshire to lead a healthy life style. I am a simple romantic caring and kindhearted woman. I am very active. I like to rest actively too. CONCORD — Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald issued a warning Tuesday to residents following several recent reports of property rental scams through Craigslist. (Source: www.unionleader.com State officials say the scam involves a person posing as a landlord asking those looking to rent a house or apartment on Craigslist to pay a reservation fee up front through a bank transfer, Cash App, PayPal or other electronic money transfer service. (Source:www.unionleader.com www.gabonmediatime.com))



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