Craigslist com Los Angeles

Craigslist com Los Angeles

Craigslist com Los Angeles

People really love to write about Craigslist. Fewer people mention that Craigslist, though, is a huge site in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with many listings from a variety of local businesses. So, when I was looking for office or retail opportunities a few years ago, and asked for suggestions, the best advice I received was to advertise on Craigslist. I listed a few listings there and the response was instant.


Members of an MS-13 clique in Los Angeles turned an abandoned building into a place to sleep, party and peddle drugs. The building, in the gang’s parlance, had become a “destroyer.” It was also a place to kill. Three people were slain within its blighted rooms in 2017 and 2018, LAPD officers testified at a hearing last month. There is no count of how many destroyers pockmark the city on a given day. Several have been found in the Los Angeles neighborhoods that MS-13 considers its turf — where the churn of gentrification and neglect from absentee owners give rise to a crop of buildings abandoned or marked for demolition. Los Angeles Times

A new essay explores how the once-great Los Angeles alternative press generated dynamic reporting. The reduction of the local press has meant less government and corporate accountability, Danny Feingold writes. But that’s not all: “The decline of the alternative press in the nation’s second largest city has exacted a high price, depriving Angelenos of news, narratives and analysis often missing in the mainstream media.” (Source: www.latimes.com)


. In a new profile, Times USC beat writer Ryan Kartje explains how after Brown’s football career, he landed a commercial real estate job and sought out a career in music. “He poured his extra time into music, jotting down lyrics in journals,” Kartje writes. “His friends find the journals.... It’s a happy discovery. Leafing through the pages feels like a window into Chris they’d never seen before.”

Delta variant rises. The highly contagious Delta variant is causing increases in new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in California. While those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are believed to have high levels of protection, more people who have not been vaccinated are getting sick, data show. Nationwide, the variant makes up 25% of analyzed coronavirus cases, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Times reporter Deborah Netburn recently (Source: www.latimes.com)



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