craigslist business for sale.

craigslist business for sale.

craigslist business for sale


Enter a title for your posting. For example, use your business name as the title, followed by a brief description of the product or service you sell. ))Craigslist isn’t the first site to offer a legitimate way to make a little extra money. Ebay used to be a more popular way to buy and sell, and a lot of people still run profitable stores on the auction site. Amazon is quickly becoming another popular site to set up an online store and earn commissions through affiliate sales.

))Make your title descriptive and engaging. Use words such as “like-new” and “great deal” to get people’s attention. Avoid using all capital letters or over-use of excDo you know tech hardware? Can you make old furniture look like new? If you can buy used stuff and give it a little TLC to make it like new, you can make huge money on Craigslist. Take a quick class on Udemy (Source:lamation points. (Source:

Craigslist is just the online evolution of garage sales so it makes sense that you should be able to use the two together. Since most garage sales get little traffic, people are ready to take next to nothing to sell their items. While you’re not going to get like-new prices on Craigslist either, you can usually get quite a bit more.


)Click "Post to classifieds" on the left side of the page. Click "Log in to your account," then enter your email address and password.Want to know the passive income source that accounts for more than half of my six-figure income? Check out this post on making money blogging with affiliates. (SoSet up your Private Seller Account and create your listing today (Source:urce: Click "Log In." (



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