Craigslist boats NJ

Craigslist boats NJ

Craigslist boats NJ

Local, free, and in-person. Craigslist is one of the few places you can find a quality used boat in person.


While searching Craigslist for a second boat, a Middlesex County man found his own 17-foot pleasure craft — one he was storing in Linden — listed for sale and arranged to meet the man trying to sell it.There are several big marketplace sites where you can search for cheap or free boats. We’ve seen free boats on Craigslist. Other marketplaces include Kijiji, Facebook, and eBay. While these sites have thousands of boat listings they also tend to be very competitive because everyone uses them and wants a great deal! At the end of this post we’ve included a list of tactics that will give you a competitive edge.

You can set up search alerts on Craigslist so that you receive an email or text every time a new listing meets your criteria.Finding cheap boats for sale on Craigslist is a volume game more than anything. If you’re not carefully managing your time, it’s easy to burn out. If you’ve ever shown up to view a boat only to realize that the photos you saw online were 10 years old, then you know what I’m talking about! Here are a few ways we’ve cut down on time wasting: (Source: waterbornemag.com)


“In the days when the economy was booming, there was a six-month waiting list to get a [custom] boat,” Miller said. “I used to build spec houseboats just like people built spec homes. Now many of the manufacturers in the area have shut their doors. Monticello, KY was once called the ‘Houseboat Capital of the World,’ and there used to be about 10 or more builders to choose from. Today, there are only a few that could build you a boat.”(Source:www.boats.com))



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