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All of Craigslist

Searchcraigslist is a classified ad search engine for Craigslist nationwide )

What is Craigslist

Craigslist is a website that allows users to place classified ads and communicate with each other on message boards. It was started in 1995 by founder Craig Newmark as a San Francisco-based e-mail list, and was converted into a website in 1996. Its global presence began rapid growth in 2000, and today it serves over 70 countries. Millions of users visit Craigslist to sell items online, meet new people, and find jobs, housing, and other service

Craigslist Is a Website for Viewing and Posting Local Advertisements.

It works a lot like the Classifieds section of a newspaper, and it's completely free to use. You can find a listing for almost anything on Craigslist—jobs, apartments, garage sales, used cars, personal ads, and a whole lot more. (Source:

Use Craigslist

It's Easy to Get Started With Craigslist.

This Will Direct You to the Craigslist Page for Your Region.

)So How Do I ActuYou can use Craigslist to find just about anything. In this example, we'll show you how to buy something on Craigslist. (Source:ally Use This Site?

Choose a Category, or UIn our example, we'd like to find a new bike, so we'll select bikes under the for sale section. (Source:se the Search Tool.

In this case, we'll select bikes that are for sale by owner, but we could also look at bikes for sale by dealer or for bike parts and accessories. (Source: edu.gcfglobal.org)

Browse, Filter, and SAny relevant postings will appear, much like the results from a search engine. You can then use the filters to narrow your results by price range, location, and more. You can also search within these results for something more specific. If you see something you're interested in, just click it for more information. (Source:earch Your Results.

If You Find Something You Want, Look for More Contact InformatThis will usually be an email address or phone number. Sometimes you may need to click show contact info to view the details. (Source:ion in the Listing.

)Complete Your Transaction, and Make Sure to Do It Safely.If the poster agrees to sell you the item, you'll need to agree on a time and place to meet. For many, the idea of meeting a stranger and exchanging money is uncomfortable—and maybe even a little scary. However, there are several ways to make sure you can stay safe when completing a transaction through Craigslist: (Source:

And you can use Craigslist for so much more—finding a place to live, a new job, or just selling some of your old stuff.

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