Coyotes in Georgia

Coyotes in Georgia

Coyotes in Georgia

A: While there is no way to accurately count the number of coyotes present within the Tucker City limits, there have been numerous complaints to City Hall and over social media about the animals’ presence in residential areas of Tucker. Some of these complaints have just been coyote sightings, while others have reported attacks on small pets. Many small businesses depend on coyotes to guard their company premises, but the animals can pose a danger to both small business owners and their customers. In this article, we’ll explore the risks that these animals can pose and discuss ways to reduce these risks.


The scientists were from the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and they were working with this coyote to add her to what would be the largest study of coyotes in the South. For the next two years, scientists followed animals like her across hunks of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina in order to answer some questions they had about how coyotes have become so ubiquitous across the region. Michael Chamberlain, lead scientist on the study, already knew some things. Deer hunters wanted to know more about that. That’s why natural resources agencies from Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina helped pay for the study. Back then, as far as anyone could tell, the deer Southern coyotes ate were newborn fawns in the Spring and whatever they could scavenge during hunting season. The coyotes in this new study showed Chamberlain something Southern coyotes simply hunt deer.

That's not the news human hunters wanted, but there’s no love lost. Already Georgia hunters kill about 40,000 coyotes annually and the state is in the second year of a bounty contest. Even so, the effect on the coyote population is negligible. The population is stable, maybe growing. To understand why, you need to understand the other key finding of the study. (Source:“By and far white tailed deer were the most important prey resource for resident coyotes,” Chamberlain said of the study results. And this wasn’t just in hunting season, either. “The constant consistent use of adults throughout the year is something you can't just describe a way to scavenging.” There are resident coyotes, perhaps a quarter million strong in Georgia. Those are mated pairs on territories of about 10 square miles that typically have farmland and hedgerows and maybe some forest. The typical rural, Southern, manmade landscape. (Source: www.gpb.org)


Trappers are required by law to kill a trapped coyote on site unless the location has an ordinance against the discharge of a gun, said Tina Johannsen, a biologist in the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. In that case, the trapper can take the coyote to another location to kill it, she said. (Source:The DNR does not track the overall coyote population in the state, but the agency estimates how many are trapped and killed by hunters. The most recent data from 2018 shows an estimated 116,000 coyotes in Georgia were targeted and captured by hunters that year. And another estimated 125,000 coyotes were killed incidentally by deer hunters.Coyotes belong to the family Canidae (or Canines), the same family that includes wolves, foxes, and dogs. Their taxonomic name, Canis latrans, literally means "yelping dog;" and the coyote's distinctive cry is becoming a more common sound in the still of the night in Georgia and Tennessee as their numbers continue to increase. :

Ranging in size from 35 to 50 pounds, coyotes resemble medium-sized to large dogs. They have pointy snouts, upright ears, and bushy tails. Their coloration ranges from yellowish red to almost black, but most coyotes in Georgia are mottled gray or brownish-gray in color. (Source:Middle to South Georgia squirrels in the attic? Protecting homes since 2001 against wildlife. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend. Ridacritter teams are all over Alabama and Georgia this week removing all kinds of critters from homes. The best way to get rid of rats, bats, squirrels & mice in Atlanta, Macon and Birmingham is to call Ridacritter. (Source: ridacritter.com)




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