Cottagecore Dress.

Cottagecore Dress.

Cottagecore Dress


Cottagecore-Dress is a boutique located in Geyserville, CA. It’s everything we love about rustic living packaged up and delivered to you. Cottagecore Dress is a creative outlet for us. We offer a curated selection of high quality, handmade creations that are inspired by our surroundings. We offer a handmade, eclectic selection of handcrafted clothing, furnishings and accessories that are inspired by the American Roadtrip.

This aesthetic is all about the prairie dresses, farmhouse girl, cottage living vibes. Think: floral prints, puff sleeves, cotton fabrics, thoughtful lace accents, flowy skirts & cuts on clothing. On the home decor side, picture a modern twist on a little house on the prairie style (wicker and straw baskets, milk jugs, fresh flowers, vintage vases, quirky accents…) (Source: whimsysoul.com)


Cottage Core Dress is specializing in creating dresses using reclaimed cottages and barns that are in excess supply. We love the regular and irregular shapes of these buildings, and we work hard to make sure those shapes are incorporated into our garments. We believe that creating garments in natural materials and shapes is a huge part of the lifestyle we manufacture and feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to do so.

For Love & Lemons is a great cottagecore clothing brand if you’re looking for more than just dresses. The blouses are especially beautiful! (Source: chasingdaisiesblog.com)


Cotton used to be thought of as a mostly white, virgin material. Today, it is known for its versatility, particularly for (re)using worn cotton into creative projects as a way to support environmentalism.

Pricing: Most pieces are well under $100 which are insanely good prices for vintage and cottagecore fashion pieces. (Source: chasingdaisiesblog.com)


This vintage pair of shorts punched with a fresh and modern vibe! Comfy and versatile, this pair would be a perfect starter for your summer wardrobe. You can wear them with a gauze scarf and a cool vintage tee, or with a solid tee, sandals, and a bandana on an evening walk. The short can be worn as a basic swim short that can also be tied up as a mid-thigh skirt on the beach!

Sister Jane is a London-based womenswear label that features vintage-inspired designs with a high-end look & feel. Their designs can be a bit more dramatic than typical cottagecore fashion brands, but I still think they deserve a spot on this list! (Source: www.have-clothes-will-travel.com)


Everyone can do something they love. A dream job doesn’t mean you need to be chained to the desk, so don’t let your love for fashion transform you into an office dweeb.

It’s so exciting to finally have a name for this vibe! For me, cottagecore fashion really is the “dark academia” of summer, so it’s the style I naturally transition into as the months get warmer. (Source:chasingdaisiesblog.com)



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