Costco rent a car

Costco rent a car

Costco rent a car

People travel by car more than any other form of transport, logging more than 3 trillion miles each year. That makes the car rental industry an enormously profitable one, and there are a variety of options when you want to get behind the wheel. For example, costco-rent-a-car.com offers competitive rates and a variety of car models to suit different tastes and needs in a very familiar and convenient environment.


"Sometimes car rental prices are cheaper at a city location rather than an airport pick-up. That's because demand is usually higher at the airport car rental office," she explains. "If you have a friend or family member who can pick you up or your hotel offers a free shuttle, you could find a car rental office close to where you're staying and potentially find cheaper car rental options." The Costco Travel website allows members to make hotel reservations, purchase a vacation package, book a cruise, or rent a car. Once you've selected the "Rental Cars" tab, you're prompted to enter your zip code and when you're planning to pick up and drop off your car. While the default option is to pick up and drop off at the same location, you can also choose a different drop-off location.

We rented those cars a few years back, but for comparison's sake I recently ran a quick search to look at the cost difference between Costco's platform, the options on Kayak, and the cost of renting with my husband's discount. I chose February 20 to 23 as the dates, and set the pickup and drop-off location as the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.Auto insurance can be complicated, and you may want to learn more about coverage types and limitations. Whichever option you choose, make sure the policy limits are high enough and that there aren’t any exclusions that could leave you out of luck based on where you’re renting or how long you’re renting for. (Source: www.nytimes.com)


To determine if Costco rental car discounts are really the best deal, we looked into the prices of Costco rental cars, and compared those rates with web rates available on AutoEurope.com. For this test, we have chose Rome FCO airport as the pickup and drop-off location (CDW car rental insurance is mandatory in Italy, and both Costco Travel and Auto Europe include it in the listed rate, which is great for travelers who value transparency in pricing.

The truth is that any time you rent a car it's in your best interest to comparison shop to find the best deal, and as you can see in the example above, booking with a discount car rental site like Auto Europe makes your job easy as we compare prices between local rental car companies for you. Not only are Auto Europe's car rental rates, and fleets more favorable in the sample search above, but Auto Europe also offers a best rate guarantee, so no matter what price you may find for a car rental from Costco or any other site, Auto Europe will offer you a better deal if you bring us that rate and we're able to verify it. (Source: www.autoeurope.com)



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