Costco Gas Price

Costco Gas Price

Costco Gas Price

There is a lot of talk about fuel prices going up across the country, and it seems like they never stop increasing. Regardless of where you live, a hefty price hike is on the way. The cost of gasoline will rise by up to 30 cents a gallon in 2018, according to AAA.


Having discounted prices for needs such as gas or food is how warehouses clubs such as Costco get the customers. By becoming a member of a Costco, you are open to a world of low prices for your everyday needs. Yes, the Costco gas prices and the food are pretty cheap, but did you know that Costco also sells home improvement and DIY equipment? That’s right! Stop at Costco for the cheap gas and you can even pick up some of your supplies for DIY needs including outdoor hardware, tools, and building materials.

edition.cnn.com)The spike has pushed more shoppers to rely on these chains to fill up their tanks, say the companies, retail analysts, and fuel experts. Gas prices at warehouse clubs can be as much as 30 cents lower than traditional gas stations, and the chains offer members coupons to use in their stores when they fill up. Gasoline sales at the warehouse clubs are an important part of their business and draw customers inside. (Source:


Despite their big-brand names, the vast majority of Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell gas statons are independently owned, so they aren't able to make a volume play like wholesalers do. Although wholesalers are able to make a profit on gas, they're not making much: Costco, for example, reported that gasoline has a lower profit margin than the rest of its business. Rising gas prices typically help Costco's sales, but hurt its profits.


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