Cockatiels for sale craigslist

Cockatiels for sale craigslist

Cockatiels for sale craigslist

Cockatiels are a small bird and super very friendly. He will follow you around the house, sitting on your shoulder while you play video games. They are a unique bird because they nip at your hair but never bite and never bite the hand that feeds him. In fact, they are the number one bird for first time bird owners. We have cockatiels for sale and the best thing, they don't need a big cage or a big expense.


I was just looking on Craigslist. Someone suggested that I need to do that instead of buying one at PetCo. Well, there was one. Here's the link. Do you think that it'd be alright?

Fetto began frantically posting lost ads on both real and virtual sites and scouring Craigslist's lost and found. Finally, a few weeks ago, one Craigslist user found an emaciated, exhausted cockatiel — and Fetto was “85 percent sure” it was Valentine. After a week's stay at the Oakley office of the Bay Area's top bird vet, the cockatiel was back in the land of the living. But it wasn't Valentine. (Source: www.sfweekly.com)ive gotten both Petrie and Flint off of craigslist. i visited them first then they both picked me. (Source:www.talkcockatiels.com))

Fetto would have let it go at that, but when he went to look at a cockatiel found by Andrew Levy, the Berkeley resident said that he, too, had received e-mails from Rennals. What's more, when Levy plugged her phone number into Google, it revealed a number of posts on Craigslist selling videogames, Xboxes — and cockatiels. (Source: www.sfweekly.com SF Weekly called the number and got ahold of “Rennals” — who turned out to be a 12-year-old Fremont boy who is not named Tracy Rennals. The boy quickly admitted he attempted to rip off Levy and Fetto and sell the birds on Craigslist, but “I quit that.” He also admitted attempting to obtain Levy's bird by e-mailing from a second, non–Tracy Rennals address. This ploy was foiled, however, when he opted to use the name “Jordan Farmar” — who happens to be the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. (Source:www.sfweekly.com))

Matt Linton, the technical director of the San Jose–based bird rescue Web site Mickaboo.com, said that Craigslist is teeming with older — and more competent — pet scammers than Rennals. He added that those who post pictures of the pets they find are doing would-be scammers a huge favor. (Source: www.sfweekly.com)

www.reddit.com cockatiels.livejournal.com))We found a big cage on Craigslist and we've cleaned it. However he's not interested in leaving his cage currently. He's getting used to me slightly but he still hisses and bites and runs from me anytime I try to pick him up. Also he won't come out of the cage even if I leave all of the doors open. It seems that he has not been out of his cagSometimes I honestly don't know why I keep going to you, craigslist. I mean, I'm not even looking for another pet, but for some reason I keep coming back to you just because. (Source:e anytime recently. (Source:


Please also take the little floof to a vet for a once over checkup. I agree, the poor thing looks ragged. I do hope you’re able to rescue it!

Well if you're up for the job, you will need lots of patience. If the cage is smaller than 12 x 12 then you need a new cage you need at least double that size. And if you are going to pick him up you'll need to change his diet as well. It should be 60% quality pellets, 30% fresh fruits and vegetables and 10% seeds. If you're going to pick him up that would be a good thing looks at like that little thing is not been taken care of well. But make sure you have the time to pass with him. Cockatiels are social animals and they need lots of companionship a few hours alone is okay but not whole days. Within a month old like that it shouldn't take you long to tame him. But again you will need lots of patience. I suggest looking for a good book on cockatiels so that you are more familiar with their mannerisms and so forth. Good luck. (Source: www.reddit.com)

I'm writing him now and providing picture examples. Because, you know, having a cockatiel for 10 YEARS that looks identical to his doesn't mean anything. Because I'm not a breeder. (Source: cockatiels.livejournal.com Sometimes I honestly don't know why I keep going to you, craigslist. I mean, I'm not even looking for another pet, but for some reason I keep coming back to you just because. (Source:cockatiels.livejournal.com))

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