The brand family includes vodka, flavored products containing vodka, and brandy. Since 2007, the marketing and promotion for Cîroc in the United States has been handled by Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs in an "equal-share venture" with profits from the brand being split between Combs and Diageo. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

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Don’t buy it. It will make all other vodkas taste like crap and you’ll be left wishing you just stayed on the cheaper ‘premium’ stuff. Ignorance is bliss. Spend in moderation. (Source: www.amazon.co.uk)

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Unlike typical grain-based vodkas, Master Distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet chose to create CÎROC from fine French grapes, giving it a distinctly fruity taste that bursts to life in the glass. Lusciously smooth, playfully sophisticated and cheekily against the grain, CÎROC brings a playful attitude and instant celebration to any moment, at any time, anywhere. (Source: www.diageo.com)

Ciroc Red Berry 750ml

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Founded in 2003 by enologist Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, Cîroc is a modern brand with historic roots. Robicquet’s family has been making wine and spirits in France for centuries, and though Cîroc vodka has become popular among modern American drinkers, the French brand proudly celebrates its roots. (Source: vinepair.com)

Cîroc Can Thank Sean ‘diddy’ Combs for Its Success.

Though Cîroc was founded in 2003, its popularity didn’t take off until after 2007, when Sean Combs (also known as Diddy, Puff Daddy, and P. Diddy) partnered with Cîroc’s parent company, Diageo. The rapper oversees all of Cîroc’s lifestyle branding and marketing, and has been successful in doing so, taking the brand from 50,000 to 2 million cases a year. (Source: vinepair.com)

Robicquet is not only the founder and master distiller of Cîroc, he is also a wine pro. He has a degree in enology — the study and science of wine and winemaking — as well as a master’s degree in wine industry law, economics, and management. In founding his vodka brand, he combined his winemaking and distilling skills, as Cîroc uniquely starts its life as wine before being distilled into vodka.

While all vodka is distilled, Cîroc’s distillation process goes a step (or four) further — distilling the spirit five times, which gives Cîroc its distinctive citrus taste. The base wine is first distilled four times in column stills, then distilled a fifth time in a traditional copper pot still at Cîroc’s famous southern France distillery, Distillerie de Chevanceaux.

Cîroc’s music industry affiliations don’t stop with Diddy. The brand has also teamed up with DJ Khaled, who helped design Cîroc’s watermelon flavor in 2019. Khaled also starred in some of Cîroc’s commercials and touted his love for the vodka on his Instagram profile. Drake also counts Cîroc as one of his favorite beverages, reportedly pre-gaming his concerts with the vodka, and rapper French Montana even named Cîroc’s French Vanilla flavor after himself. (Source: vinepair.com)

Among Celebrity Spirits, It Consistently Measures Up.

Celebrity spirits can range from gross to great. While some can thank their celeb affiliations for their popularity, others like Cîroc prove their merits have been earned. When VinePair tasted and ranked the best celebrity spirits in 2019 and 2020, Cîroc Snap Frost Grape came in second place in 2019, and Cîroc Ultra Premium ranked eighth in 2020. (Source: vinepair.com)

Cîroc comes in not one, not two, but nine different flavors. With everything from unflavored to French vanilla to peach to coconut, Cîroc offers something for every palate. (Source: vinepair.com)

Cîroc is not only distilled in France using French grapes, its name also celebrates its French roots. “Cîroc” is a combination of two French words: “cime,” which translates to “peak,” and “roche,” meaning “rock.” (Source: vinepair.com)

Cîroc may be most famous for its vodka, but the brand also makes brandy. Cîroc VS brandy was released in 2018 and, like Cîroc’s vodka, it is made in France, from French grapes. This move should come as no surprise to consumers, as Cîroc’s parent company also owns a large stake in Hennessy Cognac. (Source: vinepair.com)


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