Cinnamon apple jacks

Cinnamon apple jacks

Cinnamon apple jacks

I don't know a soul who doesn't like a cinnamon apple jacks. It's a warm, delicious, and comforting dessert that evokes memories of childhood for many of us.


Apple Jacks is a brand of cereal produced by Kellogg's and targeted mainly at children. It was introduced to the U.S. as "Apple O's" in 1965 after being invented by William Thilly, a member of Delta Upsilon Technology Chapter and now a professor at MIT.

Originally, all Apple Jacks cereal pieces were orange and O-shaped, although they have become brighter and more orange colored over the decades. In 1998, O-shaped green pieces were introduced. On December 8, 2003, as part of a marketing promotion, the orange jacks remained Os but the green jacks were Xs for a while (actually, 'jack' shaped, from jumping jacks, the campaign was made as adults made the cereal make 'more sense', as with the flavor), and in summer 2005 the green jacks were figure-8s (double Os) for a period of time. (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com)

More recently, Apple Jacks has introduced New Apple Jacks 'Crashers' – a unique cereal piece that replicates a mid-2007 advertising execution when mascots Bad Apple and CinnaMon were accidentally fused together. (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com)


The first Apple Jacks mascot in the 1960s was "Apple Guy", a figure made from cutting a face onto an apple and applying a hat and pieces of cereal for eyes. (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com The first Apple Jacks mascot in the 1960s was "Apple Guy", a figure made from cutting a face onto an apple and applying a hat and pieces of cereal for eyes. (Source:the-random-house.fandom.com tIn the late 1960s the box depicted an "Apple Car" with pieces of cereal for wheels. (Source:he-random-house.fandom.com)))

Around 1971, the official mascots became "The Apple Jacks Kids", a simplistically drawn animated boy and girl duo. The commercials featured the children singing and tumbling around. Their reign lasted for twenty-one years, making them the most well-known Apple Jacks mascots and most universally associated with the cereal in the public's memory. During this time, the Apple Jacks jingle became an integral part of the ad campaign: "A is for apple, J is for Jacks, Cinnamon-toasty Apple Jacks!" This campaign was retired in 1992. (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com)

Starting in 1992, there was an advertising campaign that featured children expressing their enjoyment of Apple Jacks, regardless of its lack of apple flavor. The slogan for this campaign became "We eat what we like". The shift toward marketing cereals directly at children signaled the growing recognition of children's influence on family purchases. The commercials took place in such normal kid hang-outs as the at school, garage, ballet class, the kitchen and such. After each commercial, the group of children would pose for a group Polaroid of the entire group. (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com)

According to the label on the box, in 2010, each 28 gram serving had 100 calories, three grams of dietary fiber, and 12 grams of sugar. The front of the box indicated that the inclusion of fiber was a change from previous versions of the cereal. (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com)

In 2013, Kellogg's Apple Jacks introduced a new multi-grain cereal called "Cinnamon Jacks," with CinnaMon as its sole mascot. "THE WINNAMON!" (Source: the-random-house.fandom.com)

Apple Jacks cereal is a crunchy sweet breakfast cereal, though often enjoyed as a mid-day snack as well. Apple Jacks has a memorable name and is distinguished by its orange and green color cereal O’s. Apple Jacks has an apple and cinnamon taste that is appealing with milk. It is a fairly popular cereal that occasionally comes off with spin-offs to keep the product fresh. Apple Jacks’ cereal is somewhat simple and tame for some, lacking bright colors or powerful blasts of flavor that other cereals may have, but Apple Jacks’s does have a respectable fandom, perhaps for its overall pleasing taste or familiar colors. (Source: www.snackhistory.com)

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www.snackhistory.com)Apple Jacks cereal is a crunchy three-grain cereal with a distinctive taste and smell, made with apple and cinnamon. In spite of its name, Apple Jacks is often thought not to taste much like apples, and in fact, this was the basis of some commercials for Apple Jacks when advertising its product. Apple Jacks currently has its default product as O-shaped green and orange cereal pieces, although when Apple Jacks was first made only orange color cereal pieces in the shape of an O were included. Other variations of Apple Jacks’ cereal have been made, such as in December 2003, when Apple Jacks released a spin-off that replaced the green color cereal pieces for blue carrot-shaped ones. (Source:

Made by Kellogg’s, Apple Jacks was first called “Apple O’s” when it was first introduced into the United States in 1965. The name of the cereal was changed to “Apple Jacks” in 1971 by advertisers, and the name has stuck since. Apple Jacks was invented by William Thilly, who was studying at MIT when he was hired by Kellogg’s as a research assistant. William Thilly was the only one to show up for the interview, and the executive he met from Kellogg’s had promised he would bring back someone from MIT, so Thilly was hired for the job. As a reward for his work at the company as a paid intern, William Thilly was invited to create a product and given a partner to help him do so. William Thilly grew up on an apple farm and felt that apples could go with anything, so he and his partner experimented with things such as applesauce combined with cereal to find a good cereal product. Eventually, they found a dried apple product from California to experiment with and added it to some basic cereal-shaped O’s from a discontinued brand that was available to them, combining it with cinnamon to create the early ancestor of what we now know as Apple Jacks cereal. (Source: www.snackhistory.com)

Apple Jacks has had a number of changes and spin-offs over the years. Originally Apple Jacks only contained orange-colored cereal bits when first released in 1965, including after its name change in 1971. The green-colored Apple Jack cereal piece that is now known so well was added in 1998, though many adults would not know the change happened as it’s been decades and many adults grew up with green-colored cereal bits alongside the orange. Apple Jacks cereal also introduced a replacement to the green Apple Jack cereal bits in a spin-off product that included blue carrots as a replacement. Though the box for the blue carrot containing cereal bits was marked to state that it did not taste like carrots. Apple Jacks cereal also included a “glider” spin-off that included blue arrows in addition to the brand’s standard orange and green cereal O pieces. Apple Jacks with marshmallows was also released, as well as a limited edition spin-off called Apple Jacks ‘Crashers’ released in 2007, that included a change to the shape of the cereal’s O pieces to have a stick-like structure running through them to represent a cinnamon stick of flavor to correspond to an advertisement of a cinnamon stick going through an apple in the commercial for the brand to represent Apple Jacks cinnamon apple flavor slogans. Apple Jacks’s “clones” was another spin-off created for the brand, released in 2010 as a limited edition. Apple Jacks was sold in Canada in 2012 as a limited edition product there. (Source: www.snackhistory.com)

Apple Jacks cereal has had many commercials over the years, mostly marketed to kids. One of the first television commercial advertisements for Apple Jacks’ cereal featured its first mascot, Apple Guy, a red apple, advertising “New” Apple Jacks’s cereal as an apple and cinnamon tasting cereal that kept bullies away. Other commercials include several in the 1990’s one that addresses the issue that Apple Jacks does not really taste much like Apples, with kids telling other children and adults that they like Apple Jacks even though it does not taste like Apples, and that they eat what they like. These commercials highlighted a common phenomenon with Apple Jacks’ cereal in that the taste is hard to describe. An interview with James Beard-nominated pastry chef Cynthia Wong had her state when prompted about the taste of Apple Jacks, “Maybe some cinnamon, some malt syrup. Definitely sugar.” The “We eat what we like’ slogan used to promote Apple Jacks in many commercials has been viewed as a play to the realization that children have influence over family buying decisions, and a nod to parents often just getting kids what they like. (Source: www.snackhistory.com)

Because Apple Jacks Cereal does not really taste like apples, people often wonder if Apple Jacks actually contains apples at all. The answer is yes, as surprising as it may seem to some, Apple Jacks does in fact contain apples. The cereal does not of course stick fresh apple slices in it, although that would be excellent, it does contain dried apples and apple juice concentrate. While this might not sound thrilling or exciting, it is nice to know that some apple ingredients are in the cereal, regardless of the cereal actually tastes like apples or not. (Not that people seem to care that it doesn’t) You can read more about the ingredients in Apple Jacks if you’re curious by checking further down the page. (Source: www.snackhistory.com)



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