Christina Evangeline

Christina Evangeline

Christina Evangeline

Christina is a first-generation Greek-American, born and raised in Queens, New York. She has a B.A. in Communication/Cinematic Arts, Columbia University. Christina is a writer, activist, traveler, and content strategist. She has worked at New York Public Radio; Morningside; Voten; and ClearSlide.


When Kenan Thompson isn't playing a single dad in his new NBC sitcom, Kenan, he's being a real-life dad to his two daughters, Georgia and Gianna, and a husband to his wife of 10 years, interior designer and Mini Supreme actress Christina Evangeline. (Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com)

Christina Evangeline, 31, has been married to comedian Kenan Thompson for a decade.

Evangeline is an interior designer and met Kenan through a talent managerCredit: AFPEvangeline lives a relatively private life but sometimes posts snippets of her home life with Thompson on her Instagram. (Source: - Getty (Source:

Evangeline lives a relatively private life but sometimes posts snippets of her home life with Thompson on her Instagram. (Source: www.the-sun.com)

Evangeline captioned the clip: “I asked her if she’d ever want to be on AGT;⁣ She said yeah - but only as a judge...⁣Fast forward a few weeks, here she is in @simoncowell’s chair. ⁣(feel better, Simon!!)⁣

The Emmy Award winner is arguably the “GOAT” of SNL. While the versatile actor has been making us laugh out of our chairs, little we know about the woman behind his colorful smile. Thompson is married to Christina Evangeline since 2011. She is also the mother of his two kids, Georgia and Gianna. This also made us wonder if Christina had anything to do Kenan’s drastic weight loss. From his teenage days, he always has been on the heavier side. However, in late 2010s, we saw different Kenan Thompson, a much fitter one. Well, love does bring the best out of people and may be it was one of those eureka moment. (Source: spockandchristine.com)

How many kids does Christina Evangeline Thompson have? (Source: spockandchristine.com)Where is Christina Evangeline from?

Her grandfather Joe ran a construction company that built a number of buildings in New York City. According to Evangeline, her grandfather’s company was one of the five company to raise the twin towers into sky. Her father on the other hand had the responsibility of cleanup and restoration. (Source: spockandchristine.com)4 Christina Evangeline’s Children: Georgia Marie and Gianna Michelle (Source:spockandchristine.com))

Evangeline started her career as a model before making her way into the screen. During her tenure in the modeling world, she walked runways for different fashion shows and was even featured in some magazines. The extent of her modeling career is unknown as she hasn’t revealed anything about it. Likewise, several reports on the internet suggest that she was once a professional escort.

Christina Evangeline has also worked in the entertainment industry in a few projects. She is a model turned interior designer and also runs her own foundation ‘Evermore.’ Further more she is associated with various charitable foundations. Although we couldn’t find her actual income, she probably makes a good amount from her designs. Meanwhile, her star husband has net worth $11 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Christina too loves her kids on her own way. She probably doesn’t have the pressure to provide for her kids but she has to take care of her kids while their father is out working. In a Quora Q/A session, she explained how she sees the younger version of herself in her kids. Her oldest daughter Georgia is outgoing, loves to sing and dance just like her as explained by Evangeline. (Source: spockandchristine.com)

Christina Evangeline is an American actress and model. She was born on March 24, 1989, in Florida, America. She mostly worked in movies. She became famous when she appeared in the comedy movie Mini Supreme, which is released in 2015. Other than modeling and movies she also worked with many charitable trusts and organizations.

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