Chris brown tour bus

Chris brown tour bus

Chris Brown Tour

It's not always easy to make it big in the music industry. And that's never been more true than it is now. Today, success is defined by social interactions, incredible business acumen, and staying up on the latest trends. From the early days before it was even safe for him to show up at any club, now, Brown has built an entirely new lifestyle around his music.


The following years were nothing but a string of successes for Brown as he further dominated the charts with pop singles such as “Beautiful People”, “I Can Transform Ya” and “Yeah x3”. His ability to dance and choreograph routines has set him apart from his contemporaries, and due to this his live concerts have gained spectacular reputations.


This concert was without a doubt one hell of a nite!!! The opening acts were awesome already. They started unbelievably punctual and created a great atmosphere. My personal favorite of them was August Alsina who really got the party going when he entered the stage with his song Numb. The main show was just awesome. Chris Brown performed both some of his older songs as well as the ones on his latest album. He showed off his great dancing skills and made every single girl in the audience go crazy by pulling up his shirt and showing us his six pack. Towards the end of the concert some of the supporting acts entered the stage and performed with him which was just so fun to watch. When the show was over I was just so sweaty and my feet and cheeks hurt from constantly dancing and smiling. I was incredibly thirsty but even for that the event organizer had an awesome solution. They gave away Coke and Coke Zero cans at the entrance FOR FREE which was just the best idea ever. I had never experienced a concert that was that organized and well-conceived before. All in all it was an awesome night and I'd recommend attending a Chris Brown concert to everybody who likes this kind of music and just wants to have a good time. As I already said it was ONE HELL IF A NITE!

I haven’t used this app yet but i just wanted to share my experience at Chris Brown’s concert. He’s AMAZING with all capital words. I’m not going to say he’s the best, but he is for me. Chris has something special, I love him and all he does from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could meet him someday and maybe possibly work with him and show him what I got and the same way i’m proud of him and i appreciate what he does, i would love him to see that on me. I don’t know I just feel like he’s my dad. I’ve never felt this way with any other celebrity but Chris is from another planet. He’s absolutely talented. You ALL need to go to one of his concert at least once. (Source: www.songkick.com)

First Hoody Baby and supporting act. Then August Alsina. 30 min break and the great man himself appeared. The arena was electrified by this time, screaming singing dancing and that was just the crowd. Sang nearly all his popular hit records, dancers and backdrops were great. Anybody that hasn't seen Chris Brown perform before (My first concert) should go, even if you're not Team Breezy - my daughter who came with me isn't a fan but she enjoyed her night too. (Source: www.songkick.com)





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