Chica fnaf

Chica fnaf

Chica fnaf

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Chica is a bright yellow animatronic chicken with a spherically-shaped head, orange beak, magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. On the top of her head are three "tufts" of feathers. She has two talons from each of her orange feet. She wears a white bib that reads "LET'S EAT!!!" in yellow bubble letters, outlined in purple and the bib is flecked with tricolored triangles in patterns of three, and what appear to be tiny stylized pizza slices. (Source: freddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.com)Along with the other animatronics, Chica will try to forcefully stuff any human she sees after hours into a Freddy Fazbear suit, resulting in death. (Source:reddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.com)))

In Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, Chica's design remains the same as her original, however for realism purposes, her design receives specular refection. (Source: freddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.com In Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, Chica’s design remains nearly identical, and is mostly unchanged. (Source:freddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.com))

“This Chica is worn down, but noticeably different from FNAF Chica; note the less-rounded frame, all-yellow legs, and three toes.”

As her older, withered form, Withered Chica, she, along with the four other older animatronics have all fallen into severe disrepair and she is replaced by her newer counterpart (Toy Chica) for the "improved" Freddy Fazbear's Pizza due to going through an attempted retrofit and subsequent abandonment of the older model, in favor of Toy Chica, according to Phone Guy on Night 2. (Source: freddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.com)

For a start, the feminine features have been toned down, and she appears more androgynous as a result, to contrast her more with Toy Chica. Her body seems to have minimal changes. Her beak has a jaw similar to the ones Withered Bonnie and Withered Freddy have, which appears to be completely unhinged. Her beak is also more pointed, like that of an actual chicken, and she has even more teeth on her upper and lower beak. The infamous second set of teeth from the animatronic endoskeleton is also clearly visible and covered in blood. She has two stumps where her hands used to be, with long wires pouring forth. (Source: freddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.com)

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