Chevy Tahoe for sale craigslist

Chevy Tahoe for sale craigslist

Chevy Tahoe for sale craigslist

Looking to sell your Chevy tahoe craigslist? Be wary of the scam that are out there!


The SUV craze may have become mainstream in America starting in the 1990s, but SUVs existed for decades prior to that. Unlike today's crossovers, the so-called love children of SUVs and sedans, original SUVs were really nothing more than pickup trucks with a covered bed. Some didn't even have a proper rear seat, but rather a bench (of sorts) that had more in common with a rotting park bench than an actual seat for a human's bottom. Yet despite their general lack of comfort and luxury, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for true SUVs, such as this 1970 Chevrolet CST Blazer up for sale on Craigslist Los Angeles. 

...waste time with craigslist clowns and sled lots with trailer offices buy with ease buy with confidence financing available regardless of credit (Source: cars.trovit.com)


2019 Tahoe packages and features such as Premier, Magnetic Ride Control, Teen Driver System, 4WD, Bose 10-speaker Premium Audio system, and Enhanced Driver Alert package. More ... (Source: www.autolist.com But for $7,500 this first-gen Blazer can be all yours. The seller claims it's all original and he bought it not long ago from its second owner, who purchased it back in 1972. This Blazer was well optioned when brand new, featuring power brakes and steering and the slushbox. Although there's little rust and the rear bench seat, dash pad, and original glass are all in good shape, a full restoration is very much needed. Mechanically, well, that's a slightly different story. (Source:carbuzz.com))


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